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APU e-Orientation

Welcome to APU's e-Orientation!

Welcome to APU - You’re about to kick-start a new & important journey of your life – here’s to a few years of fun-filling, enjoyable and memorable experiences as a university student. We are sure you have many questions before you even start your studies here. Hopefully most of those are answered here in relation to completion of your admission end enrolment formalities as well as your e-Orientation and e-Learning essentials.

Our Orientation Programme will be conducted in Hybrid Mode - Online & Physical On-Campus. Due to the current unprecedented circumstances, some of you will be meeting us virtually. However, this makes all of you UNIQUE, as we will leverage on the latest technologies to stay connected with you until you are here on campus.

We have arranged an e-Orientation Programme that will commence on Tuesday, 2nd March 2021 at 2 pm Malaysian Time (+8 GMT), and which will run over 3 days on Hybrid Mode – Online & Physical On-Campus.

Before that, here are some preparations that you can make, so that you can get the most out of your first experience as a student of APU. Sit back, relax, enjoy the ride ahead – we’re all with you!

> What is e-Orientation?

  • A Virtual Orientation to provide you with the necessary information as you embark onto an exciting phase of your academic career at APU.
  • Get to know our academic & non-academic staff members as well as your e-Counsellors.
  • Meet your course mates, Virtually!

This new beginning for your life and your time at APU will be a valuable educational experience which will boost both your personal and professional life. We know that after your SPM, IGCSE or equivalent qualifications, embarking on your journey at the University in this challenging times will be very different, as you adapt to a ‘new normal’ or ‘new way’ of learning. You will forever remember your courage, to start your dream through Online Learning - Learn, Beyond Boundaries.

> Your Digital ID @ APU

Getting Started with APKey

To start you off, you’ll need to be given access to the resources required for your e-Orientation and learning at APU.

Every student at APU is assigned a unique identifier (your digital account), which is known as your APKey (*A*sia *P*acific University Key). Your APKey is your unique Digital Account @ APU. APKey opens all doors for you - a single key that provides access to everything that you need. With your APKey, you can:

  • Access your APSpace, your APU Digital companion.
  • Access your Office365 including your email, Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, One Note and calendar.
  • Video/Voice call and chat with APU communities including your lecturers with Microsoft Teams.
  • Access various teaching, learning, library and support systems.

Before your e-Orientation, an e-mail has been sent to you consisting your APKey.

Your username is your Student ID (TP0XXXXX) and your temporary password is Tp0XXXXX@DDMM where DD is your day of birth and MM is your month of birth. Eg: If your Student ID is TP015386 and your birthdate is 1st December 2000, your temporary password will be Tp015386@0112 (case sensitive).

Your APKey will look like this:

Username: TP0XXXXX
Password: Tp0XXXXX@DDMM

Whenever you see a login screen like the above asking for your APKey, you will need to enter your APKey and Password as indicated above.

Important: When you login for the first time, you will be prompted to change your temporary password before you can proceed.


Virtual Student Card

Once you’re registered into the intake, you may download your Virtual Student Card at the Pre-Intake Student Information Portal. We will be issuing the physical copy of your Student Card once we resume our face-to-face classes at the campus.


> How To Get Connected!

APSpace - Your Digital Companion

APSpace is the official mobile app for Asia Pacific University and serves as a personal digital companion and assistant for every step of the way during the study at APU.

The APSpace on both desktop & mobile applications provides students with utmost convenience. Below are the links to download the appropriate application for your device platform:

Functions & Features

Office365 - Your Productivity Tools

You may download Microsoft Office - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams and other software for academic usage for FREE.


Quick Guide to Download, Install & Login to Microsoft Office 365

As an APU student, you have the privilege of accessing and downloading Office365, to a maximum of 15 devices. Your Office365 including email account is ready to go. Please use the following username and password to sign in to your Office365 account at https://portal.office.com and enjoy features.

Username: TP0XXXXX@mail.apu.edu.my (Your APU email address)
Password: Tp0XXXXX@DDMM (Your default password)

Click HERE for more details on how to login to Office365 services

Microsoft Teams -Your
e-Learning Collaboration Platform

To ensure a smooth experience for your e-Orientation Programme, here are some guides to walk you through our most important learning platforms. APU used Microsoft Teams which is the world’s leading collaboration platform.

How to Download, Install & Login to Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams can be accessed & downloaded with your Office365 account.
  • Microsoft Teams can be used on various platforms & devices.
  • To install Microsoft Teams on your desktop, visit: https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads.
  • If you are accessing Microsoft Teams from your browser, visit: https://teams.microsoft.com/.
  • Microsoft Teams are available on Apple App Store & Google Play Store for use on smartphones / tablets as well.

Sign in:

  • In Windows, click Start > Microsoft Teams.
  • On Mac, go to the Applications folder and click Microsoft Teams.
    On mobile, tap the Teams icon.
  • Once the program is launched, sign in with your Office365 email and password.

Quick Guide Video to Setup & Login to Microsoft Teams

Functions & Features


APU’s Moodle - The Repositories of Knowledge

How to Login to Moodle

1) Visit https://lms2.apiit.edu.my/ and Login with your APKey.

2) You may access your course materials according to subjects on your left. Lecturers will upload course materials, lecture notes in respective subject folders.

3) Click on the respective folders to download the materials.

4) Your progress in each subject will be recorded by your lecturers. You may also use the "Chat" feature to chat with your coursemates online.

Functions & Features


If you encounter any technical difficulties, contact our Virtual Help Centre via:

Email: assist@apu.edu.my or Call: +6 03 – 8992 5050 (Mon – Fri, 8:00am to 9:30pm)

> Getting On Board

Self-Service - Pre-Intake Student Information Portal

We have created a special portal for all students joining the e-Orientation. Here, you can update your personal information, upload a photo for your Virtual Student Card, check your fees statement as well as connect with your e-Counsellor and request updates on your personal profile.

Once you’re registered into the intake, you can login to the system with your APSpace account and download your Virtual Student Card via the portal.

e-Counsellors – Your First Mentor @ APU

All students of the Feb/March 2021 intake are assigned with an e-Counsellor, who is our staff from the Student Services Department. Your e-Counsellor will be the first point of contact before you kickstart your journey at APU and beyond. You may reach out to your respective e-Counsellors via WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams to resolve your queries – they may also initiate (virtual) meet-ups, chat groups to get to know you better and offer assistance! International Students will be assisted by their e-Counsellors on Visa and other matters.

Starting from 20th February 2021, you will be able to get in touch with your e-Counsellors via the Portal & Microsoft Teams channel for any assistance before you start the intake.

Fees & Payments

Your course fees must be paid before the commencement of the intake. You will need to make the payment latest by 1st March. All payment receipts made have to be sent to bursary@apu.edu.my and your e-Counsellor for verification.




Overseas Payments made via Flywire

Payments can be made at apu-my.flywire.com.

Asia Pacific University (APU) has partnered with Flywire, to provide you with an easy and secure method of paying from overseas. Flywire offers multiple payment options and currencies. Students and payers will be able to track their payments from start to finish, save on bank fees and exchange rates and contact Flywire’s 24x7 multilingual customer support by live chat, phone, and email. To learn more, go to www.flywire.com - support.

Accommodation Matters

Since you are starting your university life on e-Learning basis, we will remain your reservation/booking for a later confirmation once face-to-face classes commence on-Campus; you will be able to move into the APU accommodation. You only pay for any rental for accommodation once you have check-in for our accommodation units.

If you have still not submitted Accommodation Application Form, please email us at rsvp@apu.edu.my and we can always assist you to book the APU accommodation anytime.

> International Students Arrival in Malaysia

We are pleased to inform you that International Students are now allowed to travel to Malaysia with the following approvals and procedures:

e-VAL (Electronic Visa Approval Letter)

Travel Authorisation by Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Entry Permit & Single Entry Visa (SEV) from Malaysian Mission / Embassy / Consulate.

EMGS Health Criteria for International Students

Confirmation of Booking of Accommodation in Malaysia

7 or 10 days of mandatory quarantine upon arrival

Our Student Visa & Arrival Control team will be guiding you through the entire process - we will help you and prepare you with all the necessary arrangements for your arrival.

Please get in touch with your e-Counsellor or e-mail us at arrivals-control@apu.edu.my should you require further assistance.

> e-Orientation Schedule

Voila! Your e-Orientation is ready to commence on TuesdayTuesday, 2nd March 2021!

The e-Orientation Schedule will be as follows:

Tuesday, 2nd Mar 2021

2:00 PM to 7:00 PM (Malaysian Time GMT +8)

Wednesday, 3rd Mar 2021

2:00 PM to 7:00 PM (Malaysian Time GMT +8)

*A detailed programme will be emailed on Friday, 26th February 2021. Please note that the Orientation Schedule above is subject to changes.

Your classes will be held online through the Microsoft Teams system. However, some modules will be conducted via Hybrid mode i.e. both Online and On-Campus at the same time, particularly modules which involve usage of labs/studios. This is provided to you as an option to either attend the classes via On-Campus or Online.


Your e-Counsellors would be more than happy to continue assisting you while you end your e-Orientation and commence your studies. Let’s continue to stay in touch via Microsoft Teams. Feel free to post your queries, concerns on the Channel – our staff will be online to assist you!

> Get to Know - e-Learning @ APU

Being a Premier Digital Tech University, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) realized the need for digital education transformation, to enable students to learn without borders. Over the last two years, APU embarked on a digital education transformation journey, where Online Digital Learning (ODL) was implemented to complement its conventional on-campus mode of teaching & learning.

The e-Learning experience at APU is seamless; with only 1 set of credentials (known as APKey @ APU), students are open to access a variety of online resources & virtual systems. A student’s ODL journey is wholesome - it covers their interaction from lecture materials, tutorials, assessments to backend support, performance monitoring and measurement of effectiveness.

Digital Learning Strategy
Moodle Meets Microsoft Teams

ODL allowed students to learn anytime, anywhere at their own pace - this power of freedom has ignited more interest & excitement in learning. On a normal day on campus, students have to book consultation hours to seek face-to-face advice on academic matters. With the convenience brought by technology, students are accessible to their lecturers anytime, anywhere via Microsoft Teams. Since its implementation, we’ve seen an increase of interactions between lecturers & students - this fact has excited our academicians further, as the opportunities to explore new teaching methods has become more encouraging for self-improvement.

> Tips for Digital Learning

Remote Online Digital Learning is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to its flexibility and convenience. Students are finding it just as effective as classroom learning. Successful remote & online learning does require some preparation and early awareness. Below are some tips and assistance to ensure that your remote learning experience is effective to your own benefit. Here are some APU Tips on e-Learning - Online Digital Learning. You can find more details at HERE.

For some additional materials to ensure a more effective Online Digital Learning (ODL) Experience @ APU, please visit:

Tips & Techniques for Effective Online Digital Learning (ODL)


Frequently Asked Questions on Online Digital Learning (ODL)


> APU Library - Your Partner in e-Learning

APU Library is Open for Virtual Support

As you embark upon your online digital learning journey, APU Library is available to support you virtually by:

  • Directing you to relevant and appropriate tools and resources that will simplify your academic needs and enhance your output.
  • Enhancing your research skills so that you are able to search for, find, collect, analyze, interpret and evaluate information relevant to the subject you are studying.

Online Library Resources

  • APU e-Databases: the APU library’s subscribed e-databases that enable you to search for e-books, articles, journals and more.
  • Open Access E-resources: There are credible and authentic scholarly resources that are freely available online. These journal articles, books and open educational resources (i.e.: databases, e-learning tools, etc.) will assist you with online digital learning.
  • Get Referencing help from referencing style guides.
  • APQuest - a digital learning portal that has online courses, e-books, e-journals, videos on various discipline of interest which complements the programs offered by the university.
  • APres - This is a digital collection of scholarly resources such as undergraduate final year projects, master’s theses & doctoral dissertations, and publications authored by APU staff and faculty.

Please visit http://library.apiit.edu.my/ to access the above online services.

Virtual Library Support
Library Service Desk has been launched via our Virtual Help Centre and is available from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. It is a new ticketing system that allows students to raise a ticket on enquiry of library services, make a virtual appointment with librarians (via Microsoft Teams), etc. Reach out to us from the comfort of your home!

Important Contacts

Here are the contact details of relevant departments, which you may find useful:

> Visiting Our Campus - Appointment Scheduling

Please book an appointment through http://www.apu.edu.my/explore-apu/contact-us. As part of our Health & Safety Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on campus, a limited number of families are allowed to visit APU's Campus on hourly basis - please secure an appointment slot for us to assist you on any administrative admission and enrolment matters, guidance on PTPTN Loans and to make fees payment.

The appointments are organised to ensure social distancing, managed queues and to ensure the health & safety of our visitors, students and staff members. A maximum of 4 persons are allowed for each family during the appointment time. We will assign a dedicated Counsellor to help you with all your queries in timely manner.

Last but not least, do stay updated via our official social media channels:


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