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Centre of Forensics & Cyber Security (FSec)

Forensics and Cyber security is an increasingly major necessity for global businesses and today’s societies. It’s a data-centric world, where information technology and associated communications’ networks and services pervade every aspect of our daily lives. Protection of digital assets and activities in cyberspace are of critical importance. But the challenge to understand cyber risk, digital forensics and deliver effective and accessible security becomes harder as technology continues to rapidly evolve and systems become ever more complex.

There is an urgent need for creative thought leading to the next generation of forensics and cyber security capability. Current approaches are simply not able to meet the demands of a global society growing in cyberspace on the current trajectory of security breached events. Success will necessarily require an ability to anticipate, deter, detect, resist and tolerate attacks, understand and predict cyber risks, and respond and recover effectively at all levels, whether individual, enterprise, national or across international markets.


To develop skills set pertaining to the forensics and cyber security in order to meet the demands of the future in new trends, governance, regulation, partnerships, skills, and tools.

Scope of the FSec

  1. To develop in-house skills pertaining to Forensics & Security (F&S) – primarily among students with one eye on staff development as well. Manage all competition involvements.
  2. Build linkages with the industry;
  1. To undertake project studies from the industry that feed is as FYP or case studies.
  2. Guest talks by industrial experts
  3. To be the umbrella over (ISC)² APU Chapter, ISACA student chapter and CompTIA Academy.
  1. Applied research activities;
  1. Development of F&S tools which can then be used for project work or consultancy services.
  2. Application and execution of Grants from the Government.
  1. Consultancy works – External. This is tied in with item 2(i).
  2. Capacity Building – to jointly conduct paid workshops with APU’s corporate training centre and External Expert organizations. Potentially focused on programmes under www.sans.org


FSec will be chaired and run with a minimum of 5 members, all of whom are academic staff with one industrial representative. The expertise and experience will cover areas of Cyber Security, Forensics, Testing and Hacking. Current proposal;

Proposed Chair – Dr Maryam Shahpasand


  1. Yusnita
  2. Dr Arun
  3. Nor Azlina
  4. Yogeswaran
  5. Shabbir
  6. Reza Mostani

It is envisaged the numbers will go once PhD students in the field of F&S are on board.

Current Activities


The website www.apucsfc.org was setup and hosted by the graduated founders of the security club, and the current members are still acessing it. FB page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/apuiac/ . It is operated by students. It was started in 2013, also initiated by students. Major trophies were in:

  1. 2013 iHack National Competition where APU won champion, 4th, 5th, 6th in Forensic category;
  2. 2014 & 2015 UTP hax - 1st runner up
  3. F-Safe Competition – Finals in April 2016

The club is still active: having face-to-face meeting once every 2 weeks, online meetings (IRC) for the remaining alternate weeks. They form teams to participate in a lot of online challenges .

  1. Recent: http://wargames.my/ ranked 5th in Malaysia.
  2. They are currently ranked in the world league in 2016, https://ctftime.org/team/15979
  3. 2016 – xTF challenge

Academic Research;

  1. 1st ISACA academy launched in Malaysia at APU, for IT audit courses
  2. 1st CompTIA in Malaysia at APU, Network & Security
  3. Hackathon at UTP (http://utphax.cyberhax.club/register/)
  4. ISC2 collaboration (still initial stage), They have one of the highest rank yet toughest cert (CISSP) – 6 hours with 250 questions.