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Centre For Professional Transformation In Accounting & Finance (CPTAF)

CPTAF research interests encompass accounting accountability, risk, governance and combining both quantitative and qualitative reporting, with an emphasis on the continuous development of reporting within the various industries and its current issues. In order to progress further, the centre would also collaborate with professional and regulatory bodies in the further development of the frameworks. This would in turn, benefit the Accounting & Finance students as the modules taught would be industry relevant, which in turn would enhance the employability of the graduating

Centre Leader (chairperson): Geetha A Rubasundram

Centre Members:

  • Mrs Kwan (Advisor)
  • Meera Eeswaran (Professional Development – Centre Head)
  • Mohd Danial Afiq Bin Khamar (Student Development – Centre Head)
  • Mr Kumaraseh ( Newsletter – Editor)
  • Mr Kho Guan Kai (Newsletter – Editor)
  • All lecturers in Accounting & Finance