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Overseas Campuses

APIIT - Sri Lanka

APIIT - Sri Lanka was established in Colombo in 2000 as an international collaboration between APIIT-Malaysia and Expo Lanka, with links to a wide range of reputable universities in the UK and Australia. APIIT-Lanka's principal purpose is to provide higher education of international standard with a view to producing globally competitive graduates who will meet the demands of the modern society and contribute to the socio-economic development of the country. A robust Quality Assurance system managed and carried out jointly by APIIT-Malaysia and Staffordshire University, UK, ensures that the highest academic standards are maintained, and comparability in student experience is achieved at all times.

APIIT - India

APIIT-SD India was established in 2001 by the SD Education Society in collaboration with APIIT-Malaysia, with the objective of overcoming the critical worldwide demand for skilled Engineering and Management Professionals. Operating from its purpose-built residential campus in Panipat, India, APIIT SD India’s vision is to nurture intellectual capital through its centers of excellence which are governed by best practices in Quality Education through Quality Assurance processes jointly carried out by APIIT-Malaysia.