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Endah Promenade


√ Cooking √ Wi-Fi (Internet)

Enhanced security & extra comfort with a serenity of a full resort facility.

Rental for each student ranges between RM990 (USD250) to RM1940 (USD485) per month, depending on the room size, and the cover charge of RM350 (USD90) which is one-time payment for the welcome pack, security access card and travel pass.

The rooms are lent to students on single or twin sharing basis. The following is provided in each apartment: security card access system, gymnasium, swimming pool, sauna, squash court, badminton court, living room set, kitchen cabinets, dining table set, water heaters in the bathrooms, 350 liter refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle, fully automatic washing machine, time controlled air conditioned rooms, comfortable spring mattresses with divans and headboard, study tables and Wi-Fi.

The apartments are located in the Endah Promenade Condominium.