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Shine Like A Superstar!

In the effort to encourage students to showcase their talents in performing arts, Asia Pacific Language Centre (APLC) hosted the second APLC Talent Show, themed APLC “Shine Like A Superstar” recently.

The talent show, which was a much awaited event showcased some truly hidden talents among APLC students who are here to better their English language skills. The event was coordinated by Ms. Haryati How, and executed by all the teachers at APLC. The students, who are always ready to share their talent and culture, were thrilled to demonstrate their ability to sing, dance and even perform magic tricks! 

The judges for the day were Ms. Sharen Kaur (APLC), Mr. Jerry Chong (APU), and Ms. Aida Zamnah (APU), all who have vast experience in training students for performing arts. There were eight performances altogether, individual and group, by students from various countries like Yemen, Kazakhstan, China and Libya. The students took the chance to perform songs from their homeland as well as traditional and folk dances from their countries. It was a colorful event filled with enthusiastic cheers from the audience. 


Based on the judges’ evaluation, Zhang Xue May from China won the 3rd place for her beautiful rendition of a Chinese song. Mohd Ali, Abdul Wahab, Ahmad Khaled, Al Hussein, Fadhl and Anmar Alelwani from Yemen bagged the 2nd place for a rousing traditional Mecca dance. Wang Xing Bo and Jia Wei from China who performed a truly heart-touching duet were crowned the champions for the day. There were consolation prizes for the other contestants who had all worked hard at polishing their performances to give out their best for the event. In addition, as a surprise for the audience, one Best Dressed winner was announced at the end. The prize for the Best Dressed Audience went to Hubah from Djibouti for her effort to look more stylish on that day.


At the end of the day, APLC is happy to be a platform where students can shine and be superstars too. It’s a great way for them to share the tradition and customs of their country with their friends from all around the world.