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APLC International Food Festival 2016 - Flavours of the World Under One Roof

APLC hosted yet another colourful and flavourful event on 25th August, 2016. The event which is organised for the 8th year and is one of the biggest much awaited events is none other than the APLC International Food Festival! With participants from more than 20 countries, namely Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, India and countries representing the African continent; Libya, Djibouti, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea and Chad, the event was much bigger and better than previous years. 


Everything started going underway one month before the event with each APLC teacher taking charge of a few countries under the co-ordination of Ms. Sharen Kaur. Meetings were held each week to follow-up on progress and students were given responsibilities to decide on how they wanted to decorate the booth and what dishes to prepare to represent their country. Teachers guided their students on preparation of posters, costumes as well as some scripts on their food presentation. Everyone put in their best effort to ensure the success of this event. 

As hoped, the turn-out for the event was amazing. APLC and APU staff and students came together to enjoy the festival and find out about different dishes and cultures. Spirits were high with singing, dancing, chit-chatting and laughing that could be heard and seen all around while guests were savouring the delicious traditional dishes from each booth. All in all, the event truly captured the essence of camaraderie and mutual respect amongst different cultures!