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APLC's "Artsy" Celebration

Students from Asia Pacific Language Centre (APLC) came together to deliver an interesting array of visual, aural and visceral performances at the APLC Arts Fest recently. It was a great avenue for students to display their magnificent talents in the performing arts, in which they displayed their own distinct individuality and creativity through a wide variety of performances ranging from traditional to modern arts, such as dancing, singing, painting, calligraphy and magic trick performances.

Prizes were awarded to the winners for the talent competition, as well as the Most Unique, Most Talented, Most Confident, Most Popular and Best Dressed participants. It was a great experience for the students as it gives them the opportunity to showcase their talents and build their confidence. The success of this event was made possible through good teamwork amongst the teachers. It is with high hopes that this event will always be cherished as a beautiful memory besides other numerous unforgettable memories created from all the events organized by the APLC family.