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Geological Exposure

As part of their Petroleum Geology out-of-classroom assessment, 15 students from the Petroleum Engineering programme organised a two-day geological fieldwork to the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, as accompanied by their lecturers from the School of Engineering, Ms. Ailie Serasa, Dr. Amin Shahbazi and Dr. Bathaee recently.

The expedition started with an observation of the metamorphic rock at Ukay Perdana, followed by a study on cave architecture at the Charas Cave, analysis of basaltic pillow lava at the Black Stone Beach, an observation of river architecture at the Bakau Tinggi Recreation Park, and the analysis of petroleum system with geological structure at the Taman Tasik Puteri Bukit Besi and Rantau Abang – what a contenting 2-days journey they had!


While Petroleum Geology classes typically take place within the Geology Lab on-campus, the students appreciated the trip that provided hands-on experience studying the concepts of rock cycles, structural geology and depositional environment through observation, collection of samples and then drawing analysis reports – these are key subject areas in line with the geological concept of petroleum systems, and the trip turned out to be an enjoyable learning experience for them. In addition, the group, that comprised students from Morocco, Zimbabwe, Libya, Yemen, Philippines, Nigeria and Malaysia, were awestruck by the picturesque display of natural caves, beaches, river banks and forests that they discovered at the trip.

The 2-days expedition ended on a positive note, as students gathered immense experience and valuable practical skills throughout the trip. Kudos to the School of Engineering for organising this amazing adventure!