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Arts & Crafts Tourism

Arts & crafts are often significant symbols to a nation’s history; recently, 25 students from our Tourism Management programme guided by 5 of their lecturers visited the National Craft Centre and the International Islamic Arts Museum to learn about Malaysian and Islamic culture, as well as to be exposed to its significant role in the Malaysian tourism industry
Throughout the visit, students were mesmerized of the display of local traditional and modern crafts, which included local textile, wood, pottery, crafts, gems, jewels and food from different parts of Malaysia. Master craftsmen were also demonstrating the arts of top spinning, batik printing, basket weaving during our visit.
At the Islamic Arts Museum, more than 12,000 artefacts that were on display provided our students exposure on the cultural elements that resemble the religion. Among the 12 permanent galleries that were on display, students managed to gain knowledge of the religion and its relationship with different ethnic cultures such as Indian Muslims, Chinese Muslims and Malay Muslims. Arts & Crafts play a major role in Malaysian tourism, as we have been well-known of our rich heritage, diversity and culture. Our students benefited from the visit, as they discovered the potentials of Malaysian crafts – we look forward to seeing them partake in promoting Malaysian arts & crafts in the future, as they join the workforce as tourism specialists.