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Publication on The Star - "Vigorous in the pursuit of a masters"

The decision to study a masters degree is a significant life decision.

“A post-graduate programme is an intense period of study where you will be expected to perform at a high level at all times,” said Asia Pacific University (APU) of Technology and Innovation marketing operations manager Chong Sau Mun.

“All post-graduate programmes in APU include a unique Masters Foundation Programme.

“It is specifically designed to acclimatise students to the regimentation of studying masters. We equip them with a new set of learning strategies and skills.”

He further explained that the four-week programme offers three modules: continuing professional development, study skills, and research methods.

APU exposes masters degree students to the importance of discussing and working in groups, collaboration and managing cultural differences in project management.

“We also train the students to acquire a high level of analytical skills,” said Chong.

He also pointed out that the foundation programme has a special focus on academic writing and presentation techniques, which are crucial in helping students, present the depth of their knowledge impressively.

“There is also guidance in exam answering techniques. We teach post-graduate students to be astute about how they answer questions, rather than giving everything they know blindly.”

The final module of the foundation programme teaches masters degree students to generate re-search ideas, evaluate academic references and distinguish be-tween scholarly and non-scholarly references.

APU offers a wide range of masters degree programmes from Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom and Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

This includes a Dual Master Programme which allows students to combine current work experience and knowledge to develop a smaller work-based project or case study.

This option enables students to showcase their ability to perform detailed research and reviews within their working environment.


The entire article and photo above was published on The Star on Wednesday, 13 March 2013.