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School of Foundation (SoF) Students Contribute to Charity

As a part of their Introduction to Business (ITB) assignment project, 160 students from APU’s School of Foundation (SoF) organised a Charity Booth Sales event on the week of 11th August (Monday) to 14th August (Thursday). The profit gained from this event were channeled to two charity organisations: MAA-MEDICARE Kidney Charity Fund and Orphan Centre Happy Garden.

Students formed groups among each other to achieve these objectives; whereby they sold food stuffs, handcrafts, beverages and digital items to raise funds. Their hard work paid off as they received very overwhelming responses from all APU staff and students. Throughout the four days of the event, a total collection of more than RM2000 has been raised.

The students, who are currently in the midst of preparing for their final exams, are scheduled to visit the MAA-MEDICARE Kidney Charity Fund centre and the Orphan Centre Happy Garden after their exams. Thumbs up to all students and lecturers who initiated and organised this meaningful event.