Publication on The Star - "International food festival celebrates various cultures and customs" | Asia Pacific University (APU)

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Publication on The Star - "International food festival celebrates various cultures and customs"

THE biggest pleasure of wandering around an intercontinental food festival is discovering new food or customs that one didn’t know about.

The International Food Festival, organised by the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) recently, was no exception.

The festival was not only held as part of National Day celebrations, but also to expose APU students to the various cultures and food customs around the globe.

The wonderful food associated with the many cultures that made up the festival were prepared by students of different nationalities.

The main highlight of the event was food tasting.

Booths were set up for every region, with countries categorised into South-East Asia, West Asia, Central Asia, East Asia, North Africa and East Africa.

Along with the food, there were cultural music, traditional dance performances and presentation of famous folk songs from different parts of the world.

Approximately 400 students and staff attended the food festival.

“One of the most exclusive outcomes of the event was the outstanding teamwork and unity among students and lecturers, which has always been an important element at APU,” said event coordinator and academic manager Sharen Kaur.

APU Business & Management student Okuda Tatsuya said the event was unique and that he had learned so much about other cultures in just one day.

“We definitely do not have much of this rich experience back in Japan,” Tatsuya added.

“This is the first time I am experiencing an event like this, where it feels like the whole world is in it!

“This is the most memorable experience I have had in Malaysia, which I will definitely share with my family and friends back home” said Bayan Aisakova from Kazakhstan.


The entire article and photo above was published on The Star on Saturday, 14 September 2014.