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Mid Autumn Festival Celebration @ APU

Mid Autumn Festival is one of the most important festivals in the Chinese calender. In accordance to this, the Chinese Language and Culture Society (CLCS) hosted one of the biggest celebrations in APU, on the 11th of September 2014 (Thursday). Prior to the main event day, mooncakes and traditional chinese desserts were already being sold at the Foyer, to raise funds on behalf of the MAA-MEDICare Kidney Charity Fund.

The 24 Seasons Drums team from SMK Taman Yarl presented the grand opening performance, while students and staff started to gather around the APU Foyer and corridors to witness the splendid performance. The well-trained APU Diabolo team then took over the stage to demonstrate several breathtaking stunts, followed by Magic Performances by our APU students. The thrilling atmosphere then continued to the Sichuan Face Changing Performances, when the performer earned a huge round of applause by changing the masks on her face in a split second. Spectators were then entertained by Hip Hop performances, Traditional Dance + Latin Dance performances from APU Dance Club and APU CLCS respectively. The 24 Seasons Drums team then drew a close to the celebrations perfectly, with another round of stunning performance.

As the sky turned dark, spirits of the students became higher as they prepared themselves for the Lantern Walk. With traditional paper lanterns with brightly lit candles in their hands, a substantial amount of 150 students and staff walked the designated path around TPM and the APU main campus. Adventerous ones even took part in the Station Games that was being held in the campus after that.

Many international students and non-Chinese students were first-timers to the celebration, and they had enjoyed learning about the festival and the entire Chinese culture. "This is my very first time participating the celebration at APU. It was a great and amazing experience. Me and my friends had so much fun!" said Vikna Raj, a student from the School of Foundation (SoF). "This year's Mid Autumn Celebration was the largest in CLCS's history. Although there were some minor glitches in the preparations and main event, I enjoyed the night with my friends." said Chong Zhao Xian, student of BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering, also the ex-president of the Chinese Language & Cultural Society (CLCS) of APU.