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Sasayama Homei High School International Study Experience @ APU

73 students and teachers from the Sasayama Homei High School, Japan visited APU as a part of their International Study Experience. They were greeted warmly by APU Student Ambassadors, members from the Student Activities and Representative Council (SARC) and APU Japanese Club members. Many of them enjoyed their first visit to APU and Malaysia, although their session only lasted for five hours, from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

Throughout their visit at APU, our visitors had gained a better understanding on the programmes and campus of APU, after participating in the presentation session and the campus tour. Current APU students also shared their experiences regarding their study life at APU in Malaysia. Before the session ended, teachers of Asia Pacific Language Centre (APLC) conducted an Interactive English Learning session for the students, to encourage them in enhancing their English language skills and to provide awareness on the importance of the English language in the current world.