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Colours of China @ APU

Thursday, 2nd Oct – In conjunction with the China National Day which is celebrated annually on the 1st of October, the China Students Community at the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) held a magnificent celebration to demonstrate the colourful Chinese culture in the presence of staff and students who came from different cultural backgrounds.

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is a country with rich culture and history. Throughout the celebration that took place in APU, students demonstrated the uniqueness of the Chinese culture with outstanding performances, such as Diabolo & ‘Pi Pa’ performances as well as dance & singing performances. The fashion show themed “I Love China” was definitely an eye-opener for all, as more than 10 traditional costumes of different ethnic groups in China were showcased on-stage. Even staff and students from Malaysia, Iran and other countries joined hand-in-hand with the Chinese students, to deliver awesome performances as well.


The celebration saw a fusion of modern and traditional performances

It was a good platform for the Chinese students to showcase their cultures, and for non-China students to understand more about the Chinese culture and history. “It was a well-planned event where students from China and other nationalities at APU, hosted a great show which consisted of traditional and modern performances. I loved it,” said Afey Haneef, a Maldivian Student Ambassador who is currently taking his Master’s degree at APU.