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APU "QR Sch Invasion" Invades Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Wednesday, 1st Oct - After its success at the APU Campus in Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil on the 16th of August 2014, the organising team of APU QR Sch Invasion competition brought the competition to SMA WITAMA in Pekanbaru, Indonesia, on the 29th of September 2014 (Monday).

This was the first time that the competition was organised overseas. Despite being its first time, it saw the participation of 60 students from the school. The organising team of this competition comprised of lecturers from the School of Computing & IT, APU Student Services and the APU Indonesian Representatives.

Similar to the competition in Kuala Lumpur, students of SMA WITAMA had to search high and low to decode the QR Codes which were deployed around the school compound. Then, in teams of 2, they had to answer fundamental questions of IT and logic, where the team with most accurate answers and earliest submission time was announced as the winner. The secondary school students enjoyed the competition, which lasted for 2 hours that day.

As a token of appreciation, all participating teams received a button badge which was designed with a colourful QR Code linked to the official APU website. This was indeed another record-breaking experience brought by APU, as a part of the School of Computing & IT’s efforts to promote the creation of an exciting, entertaining and challenging learning environment for the students through the usage of QR codes.