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1 World Culture: International Students Culture Festival 2014

On the 8th of November 2014 (Saturday), 11 students from APU participated in the 1 World Culture Dance Competition, which was held in Nilai University. The entire student group consisted of students from Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Congo Drc, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mozambique and Malaysia. This event has been running for 6 years consecutively in Nilai University, in collaboration with the Malaysian Higher Learning Education Department, Ministry of Education. As an effort to foster relationships among students from different cultural backgrounds, the organiser made it mandatory to have only one Malaysian performer in each group.

The competition saw the participation of 9 public universities and 5 private universities. The APU team performed a total of 6 songs in 10 minutes, which included “Asmaradana” and “Enjut”. Prior to the competition, the group practiced every night for 2 weeks, under the guidance of a Malaysian student, Mohd Helmi Anuar, supervised by Ms. Vinothini and managed by Ms. Aida Zamnah.

It was a great exposure for the group, especially international students, as they were able to understand the Malaysian performing arts more through their participation in the competition. Thumbs up and good job to the staffs and students who were involved!