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Media, Tourism & Services Educational Excursion

Students from the Media, Tourism & Services cluster of The School of Business had an eye opening and interesting excursion to Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2015 (HKK2015) at the National Craft Complex and KLCC’s Petrosains on Friday, 27 March 2015.  A total of 31 students and lecturers participated in the trip organized by Ms. Fiona Sadagopan, with the able support of Mr. P. Pathmanaban.
The main purpose of this event was to expose students to the set-up of a large convention/ event at national level, as well as to show them the tourism potential of local crafts (traditional & modern) in Malaysia. The visit that included two exhibits enabled students to compare the organization and management of a temporary set up (HKK2015) against a permanent display/ interactive Centre (Petrosains, Discovery).


The trip began with a short introductory tour by the Craft Complex Staff, Mr. Zul. Students were then dispersed to various locations based on their assigned tasks with their respective lecturers. A grand total of 2 hours was spent exploring various displays, exhibitions and interactive arts by multi-ethnic craftspeople from different regions in Malaysia. The group then proceeded to KLCC via the covered walkway between Pavillion and KLCC. After a leisurely lunch and prayer break, the next experience was a journey through the ages at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre. The interactive educational experience at Petrosains was invigorating and inspiring. Students and lecturers alike agreed that it was truly an educational melting pot, spiced with a dash fun and sprinkle of inspiration.