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FUNdation Newsletters are published!

We are pleased to announce that the first edition of the School of Foundation (SoF) Newsletter – “The FUNdation” has been published.

The FUNdation is a quarterly newsletter published by the APU School of Foundation (SoF). Other than providing readers with an overview of events that were organised by SoF over the past 3 months, FUNdation also allows knowledge sharing among APU students and staff, by including articles that are related to different aspects of studies. All articles in the FUNdation are contributed by lecturers and students from the SoF.

The APU School of Foundation is very actively involved in organising events and activities, which have benefited students by exposing them leadership skills, event management skills, teamwork and many more. Therefore, students here at APU SoF are trained to be all-rounded individuals who not only excel in studies, but also in different aspects which are essential for a brighter future.

Please click here to view the digital version of the newsletter.