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Zoo Volunteering Program by School of Foundation (SoF)

The School of Foundation (SOF) organized a trip to the National Zoo on Tuesday, 12 May 2015 as a community service project. A total of 35 Foundation and Diploma students volunteered at the zoo from 8 am till 5 pm and were accompanied by two lecturers from the School of Foundation. 

As volunteers, the students were given various tasks in helping and caring for the animals including cleaning the animal cages, giving the animals baths and feeding the animals. Some students got the opportunity to work at the animal nursery to tend to the sick and injured animals.


Through this project, the students were able to learn teamwork in cleaning up their designated areas and time management which sees that they complete their tasks within the given time.  They were also able to understand the needs of these animals and how they need constant care and clean and healthy environments to survive. 

They were exhausted from all the hard work done but definitely came back exhilarated from all the new experiences gained. The volunteer trip was a great opportunity for the students to help preserve the well-being of our natural treasures and learn the importance of giving back to the society.