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School of Computing and Technology

The School of Computing & Technology at APU is the oldest and most established school. The school has a strong presence in the industry and is an obvious choice among the school leavers. The school offers a wide variety of specialised programmes. Our programmes are very much industry driven and relevant and our graduates are global citizens and industry ready. Alumni of the School have progressed into a number of significant careers in leading multinational technology based companies. In line with APU’s vision, the School aims to be a leading provider of high quality computing and technology education and a contributor to research at the national and international level. This is emphasised by our mission to provide high quality and internationally recognised and benchmarked Technology education and to be recognised for innovative teaching methods and educational activities.

The School of Computing & Technology aims to:

  • Facilitate your academic and vocational progression by developing knowledge, key skills and capacity for independent and lifelong learning
  • Develop your skills in imaginative problem-solving and decision-making
  • Develop your Personal Development Portfolio to support your career aspirations
  • Provide a stimulating, interactive and accessible course of study to give you a sound grasp of information technology knowledge, analysis and contemporary issues which you can develop and apply in future employment
  • Develop your imagination and innovative abilities to show initiative and creativity in your work
  • Develop your intelligence, ingenuity, inventiveness and independence as well as your communication skills

Our Collaborative Partners:

Computing & IT Programmes

School of Engineering also offers a specialised Programme in Computer Systems Engineering known as B. Eng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering with Information Technology. APU Engineering Degrees are Accredited Professionally by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) and are therefore recognized internationally under the Washington Accord.

Interactive Entertainment Technology Programmes

Below are the 3+0 Bachelor Degree Programmes offered in collaboration with Staffordshire University, UK in Computing & Business IT at APIIT:

Below are the 3+0 Bachelor Degree Programmes offered in collaboration with Staffordshire University, UK in Animation & Visual Effects:

For the above Degrees in Animation and VFX : Visual Effects and Concept Design - Students need to provide a Portfolio as a entry requirement. Portfolio is a compiled documentation of your artwork which might include sketches, drawings, illustration, painting, photography of your 3D artwork, writings, and many more. For more details on Portfolio and our Portfolio Development Programmes; please visit Portfolio Development Programme for more information.

The APIIT UK 3+0 Degree Programme has a strong presence in the industry and is one of the top choice among the school leavers to further their studies. These programmes are industry driven and relevant to the current market and our graduates are global citizens and industry ready. The graduates will be awarded a Staffordshire University, UK Degree. Staffordshire University is a modern University with 100 years' experience of pioneering higher education within the creative, technological and scientific industries. The University delivers relevant, inspiring and vocationally led courses and thus develop students who are independent thinkers.

Undergraduate Study Areas: