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Do you want to know how a Mechatronics Engineering degree is more beneficial than Mechanical Engineering?

Mechatronics Engineering with Core Mechanical Engineering Elements

Mechatronics Engineering is a hybrid programme which engages in a learning experience covering core elements of electronics, robotics and mechanical engineering. This is the programme that allows students to adapt to the vast changing technologies required to be learnt at university level embedded with electronics in which the use of Information technology becomes a bridge between all three main cores. The Mechatronics Engineering programme at Asia Pacific University (APU) has been accredited by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) who are a signatory for Malaysia under the Washington Accord of which  20 countries as aligned to in terms of engineering education being on the same platform.


The Washington Accord requirements as followed under ABET is also part of the Malaysian Engineering Accreditation Council’s (EAC) core curriculum to be followed.

As defined under both Mechanical & Electronics all core required subject matter is covered in APU’s Mechatronic Engineering curriculum. The ones specific to Mechanical are shown below;

Mechanical ABET/EAC Core Subjects vs APU Coverage:

  1. Materials – Covered as ‘Engineering Materials’ – Year 1 Semester 1
  2. Statics & Dynamics - Covered as ‘Engineering Statics & Dynamics’ – Year 1 Semester 2
  3. Fluid Mechanics – Covered in Year 3 Semester 2
  4. Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer - Covered in Year 4 Semester 1
  5. Mechanical Design (Capstone Project) – Covered as ‘Group Design Project’ in Year 4 Semester 1
  6. Instrumentation and Control – Covered as ‘Instrument & Measurement’ in Year 1 Semester 1
  7. Vibrations – Covered as ‘Strength of Materials’ in Year 2 Semester 1
  8. Solid MechanicsCovered as ‘Strength of Materials’ in Year 2 Semester 1
  9. Manufacturing & Production – Covered in ‘CAD/CAM’ in Year 4 Semester 1 and in ‘Product Creation Technology’ in Year 4 Semester 2
  10. Electrical Power & Machines – Covered as  ‘Introduction to Electrical Systems’ in Year 2 Semester  1
  11. Electronics & Microprocessors – Covered as ‘Microprocessor System & Embedded Software’ in Year 3 Semester 2
  12. Computer Aided Engineering – Covered in 2 subjects – ‘Engineering Design’ in Year 1 Semester 1 and also in ‘CAD/CAM’ Year  4 Semester 1

With the above it is very clear that the APU Mechatronics Engineering programme has all required Mechanical Engineering core subjects embedded within its curriculum as part of the fulfillment of the ABET or EAC regulations/standards.

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Dean of the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Technology (FCET)