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Research Projects

Research Area Today's Research Head of Research
CRI: New Product Development

Development of new product designs under the theme of Technology & Innovation as produced with strong emphasis on sustainable development, product marketability and reliability.

Haslina Hashim
ENG: Energy Systems

Research in a wide range of areas associated with the generation, transmission, storage and utilization of energy such as Electrical Power Utilization for the Industry, Regenerative Power, Renewable/Green Energy and New Energy Practices/Policies.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Vinesh Thiruchelvam
ENG: Materials & Manufacturing

Researchers in this area improve the understanding of materials with widespread applications and develop new materials or improve the characteristics of existing materials. Rapid Prototyping is currently a famous field which draws the interest of Materials and Manufacturing engineers which involves development of prototypes.

Ir. Dr. R. Dhakshyani
ENG: Microelectronics

Research over a diverse range of disciplines, covering devices from nanometer scale to several hundreds of microns such as device modelling, silicon-based nanoelectronics, RF circuit design and low power integrated circuit design.

Dr. Lai Nai Shyan
ENG: Next Generation PV Converter

Research in Power Electronics Converter for Renewable Energy applications

Dr. Freddy Tan Kheng Suan
ENG: Telecommunications

Research are divided into a few areas such as wireless communication, data networks and signal processing.

Dr. Thang Ka Fei
ICT: Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Information Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a general word that indicates the process of creating any digital device to imitate or show intelligent behavior. Research in this area focuses on the development and investigation of systems which are able to learn or demonstrate intelligent behaviors. These techniques can be applied to a wide range of different problems and applications, include of robotics, machine learning, pattern recognition, gaming, information security, data mining, prediction problems, natural language processing (NLP), image processing, computer vision, medical diagnosis, cyber security, malware detection and classification problems.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Babak Bashari Rad
ICT: Cloud Computing, Information Systems & Health Informatics

Data Mining, Impact of Technology, Informatics, Services of Critical Care - Cloud Computing

Dr. Kalai Anand Ratnam
ICT: Diagnosis Systems, Big Data & Green Technology

Research on medical data analysis by the medical practitioners, big data which refers to the high-volume structured and unstructured data from single or multiple sources, and reducing the carbon footprint, wastage and energy in order to ensure sustainability have become very important in today's world.

Prof. Dr. R. Logeswaran
ICT: Education Technologies, Security & Networking

Research over a varied range of disciplines that includes Education Technologies that currently focus on QR Code Technology in Edutainment, Security and Networking that focusing on Ubiquitous Computing for Security Enhancement of Vehicles.

Nor Azlina Abd Rahman
ICT: Green Computing and Systems Development

The research include green IT and high performance computing, energy efficient data centers, cloud computing, virtualization, intrusion detection and prevention systems, MANET routing protocols and network security.

Dr. Imran Medi
ICT: Mobile and Desktop Computing & Software Engineering

Mobile Software Engineering, resource efficient programming paradigms, programming concepts, design patterns and software development technologies and programming subjects teaching strategies.

Dr. Selvakumar Samuel
ICT: Software Architecture

Architecture Frameworks, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Architectural Patterns, Unified Modelling Language (UML), Design Patterns, Refactoring, Performance Optimization, Software Anti-patterns.

Muhammad Ehsan Rana
ICT: Web Accessibility Semantic Ontology

Research on improving the accessibility features on the Web by using Semantic ontology to personalize and create custom content for Dyslexic web users.

Mohamad Firdaus Che Abdul Rani