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Guest Lecture

A Deep Dive into International Conflicts

International conflicts and cross-border tensions are amongst world’s major issues that are lingering around the modern days, as they lead to war, tensions, trade sanctions and other destructive circumstances among nations that are involved. Recently, our BA (Hons) in International Relations students took a deep dive into investigating the cause and the devastating effects of the world’s major international conflicts at a guest lecture conducted by Dr. Muhammad Danial Azman, Senior Lecturer from the Department of International and Strategic Studies, Universiti Malaya.
At the session, students were introduced to the current situation in Syria, Somalia as well as the Israel-Palestine conflict, in which they were trained to analyse the root causes, the chronological development and the effects of these international conflicts. As a PhD holder in International Relations specializing in African Studies, Dr. Muhammad Danial provided deep insights and new realms of knowledge to students who attended the guest lecture.
Aside from their usual curriculum, our students are now exposed to the opportunities to learn from experts of different areas of knowledge – this has certainly broadened their horizons of knowledge, and these knowledge gained will certainly benefit them as future diplomats / international relations specialists.

Guest Lecture on Distributed Systems

To expose our students to the various types of distributed systems and to provide in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, our colleagues from the School of Technology (SOT) invited Prof. Liew Chee Sun,  Head of Unit, High Performance Computing (HPC) and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation) of Universiti Malaya (UM) to conduct a guest lecture on cloud computing and grid computing.
Prof. Liew is an expert in the fields of  Data-Intensive Computing, Grid Computing, High Performance Computing and Distributed Computing. Throughout the session, he shared knowledge about current trends and technologies in distributed systems as well as real-time enterprise distributed systems around the world. Our final year students demonstrated high interest in the talk, as they were enthusiastic to direct questions and provide answers at the Q&A session.
Prof. Liew provided good insights of implementing cloud and grid computing in a distributed environment – this knowledge is extremely useful for our students who attended the session, as they will eventually join the future workforce as Cloud Computing professionals. Kudos to our colleagues, Mr. Umapathy Eaganathan and  Dr. Kuruvikulam Chandrasekaran Arun from the School of Technology (SOT) for coordinating this beneficial session.