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Multicultural Learning Experience

Rangilee Mehfil 2015

The ‘Rangilee Mehfil 2015’ formerly known as Vaisakhi Di Raat (VDR) successfully took place on Saturday, 16 May 2015 at The Royale Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. The event, organised by the Punjabi Cultural Society of Asia Pacific University (APCS), was held in conjunction with the Vaisakhi festival, which was on April 14 this year. The ballroom shone in dazzling colours as staff and students who participated were dressed up in their best traditional or formal attire.

The event that spanned from 7:00pm to 12:00am saw participation of approximately 220 staff and students, including the CEO of APIIT Education Group, Datuk Dr Parmjit Singh and Deputy Vice Chancellor of APU, Prof Ron Edwards. As the event was aimed to showcase and spread the understanding towards Punjabi culture, authentic and exuberant Indian Dance Music (Bollywood & Bhangra) was featured as the showcase of the night; whereas other entertaining live performances of different genres went on throughout the event. 


In line with the event’s aims, the organiser also invited APU students of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds to perform on-stage – which indirectly provides them with a lifetime experience where everyone joined the fun and dance, regardless of age, culture and nationality. More colours were added to the night as professional performers such as Shan-E-Punjab showcased their talents to the audience.

Apart from immersing themselves in the vibrant performances, attendees also savoured the delectable Indian and International delicacies, which were served at the buffet line that night. It was truly an enjoyable experience for all who attended, especially international students, as they had the opportunity to experience the one of the most colourful cultures in Malaysia.


A Dazzling Night of Kazakh Culture, Food, Dance and More!

The Kazakh Culture Night 2019 was an extraordinary display of the beauty and profoundly diverse nature of the gem of central Asia. The annually conducted event succeeded in enthralling the students and staff as a result of a multitude of well-coordinated performances, festive atmospheric elements and merrymaking activities that captured the dazzling essence of the culture that Kazakhstan has cultivated; this was achieved by the exemplary level of organisation, logistical understanding and talent exhibited by the Kazakh Student Society. This year’s event also distinguished itself from previous affairs by including performances deriving from other countries, making the night a more multicultural engagement.

Aided greatly by the charismatic emcees, the event transpired with seamless fluidity that entertained the audience in a manner comparable to that of a professionally conducted function. The Atrium, in which the event was set, was magnificently decorated and boasted several booths showcasing a stunning array of traditional ornaments, items of literature and garments hailing from Kazakhstan; all of which eminently added to the enchanting ambiance of the occasion. Some delicious homemade Kazakh food was prepared and served midway through the endeavour, giving attendees a sample of the unique and flavoursome cuisine the nation has to offer.


The performances of the evening consisted of traditional dances, modern dances, classical ballet dances, a martial arts presentation, a live band, a Hip-Hop/R&B act and a DJ set. The outfits wore by the performers were a delight to observe whilst they demonstrated their awe-inspiring abilities accompanied by a mixture of amazing cultural music. The live band played a terrific selection of songs that had the audience singing along throughout the entire act, where the martial arts presentation was an interesting portrayal of the finesse and skill the techniques of Kendo include. The Hip-Hop/R&B act was a definite crowd pleaser as it encouraged many attendees to take to the stage and start dancing along with the artist. The night ended on a high note due to a phenomenal DJ set that boosted the energy of the atmosphere tenfold by raising everyone on to their feet at the dance floor.

The Kazakh Culture Night 2019 was an unquestionable triumph in every respect. It was an effective way that allowed our staff and students to explore and become better acquainted with the dazzling culture of Kazakhstan as well as a slew of other nations. It was also indicative of the enormous amount of effort our student societies reflect in their capacity to organise events of this scale. We would like to whole-heartedly congratulate the Kazakh Student Society for expertly staging such a memorable night and we very much anticipate what they will be able to conjure up next year!