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Tourism Students Enrich Their Tour-Planning Skills - 1 Day Tour Package to Kuala Selangor

We are pleased to share that our students under the BA (Hons) Tourism Management programme successfully organised a 1-Day tour package to Kuala Selangor for 22 students recently, as part of their academic requirements for the Retail Travel Operations module at Year 2 of their studies. The entire processes of planning, coordinating, managing, promoting and executing the event were conducted by the students; in which they gain hands-on experience in respective areas of retail travel operations.

The 1-Day tour was inclusive of visits to the Bukit Melawati, Nature Park, Anak Dara Tomb as well as a seafood dinner. The highlights of the tour were the Eagle Feeding session in the Kuala Selangor river and the Fireflies Watching session in Kampung Kuantan. These activities were eye-opening experiences for most of the participants, especially international students, who experienced the beauty of Malaysia’s natural environment for the first time.

Under the teamwork and excellent skills demonstrated by Ainur Fatihah, Surayyo Akhmedova, Miftah Krakatau and Taimur Tariq, Year 2 Tourism Management students, the trip was a remarkable success, as participants provided positive feedback and support. 


“Awesome and enjoyable trip... Looking forward for the next one...” – Amna Batool (Saudi Arabia)
“The trip was perfectly planned. Although the weather was hot, we managed to see the beautiful sunset on a rainy day” - Lizyana Voni (Sabah, Malaysia)
“This is an experiential learning for the students… These are the skills where potential employers will be looking for” – Mr. P Pathmanaban (Tourism lecturer)

The hands-on experience provided a good platform for students to practice their skills and to ensure that they are competent to face challenges from the current tourism industry; with such experience and skills, we believe that our students are ready to accommodate the industry’s requirements that lie in the professional world ahead. 

APLC's Outdoor Trip to Batu Caves

In order to introduce students to the multitude of cultures that Malaysians are made of, the Asia Pacific Language Centre (APLC) organised a cultural visit to Batu Caves on Saturday, 27 February 2016. A total of 39 students participated in the visit, under the arrangement and coordination from Ms. Rachel Chou Sok Fong and Ms. Khayma Latha Balakrishnan. 

The students climbed the 272 stairs to reach the cave-top temple, and they learned about the Hindu customs and traditions, while admiring the natural formation of the cave itself. The students also entered Cave Villa, where they were entertained by an Indian cultural show. They experienced nature first hand when they went into the snake house, and some even braved themselves to hold the snakes and pose for pictures.  The students then went to the Ramayana cave, and learnt about the epic of Ramayana, while admiring the statues that were built to re-enact the story.

Throughout the trip, the students were encouraged to communicate only in English language. The trip was organised to encourage the students to learn about Malaysia, and the various traditions and cultures practised here. From this trip, the students were able to learn more about Malaysia and experience some of its traditions and cultures. 

It was an amazing visit, for both students and the teachers. The students loved their outing, and admitted that they had learnt much about the Hindu culture and way of doing things. The also enhanced their speaking skills with their friends from other nationalities. They definitely look forward to more out-doorsy learning experience in the future.