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Parliament in Session

Despite the fact that majority of our students in our Diploma programmes have not reached the minimum legal age to vote, they have already gained an insight on how Malaysian voting system works, by participating in a recent field trip to the Parliament Building.

As part of the Legal Environment of Business and Business Law modules, the School of Management arranged an industry visit to the Parliament Building located in the heart of the city. During the visit, the students were lucky enough to witness a live session of a Parliamentary proceeding, as they learnt about the various protocols as well as the interesting debates between the ruling party and the opposition party. By observing the session, our students were exposed to the law-making process, hence they gained better understanding on how a law is being passed, in both the Upper House (House of Senate) and the Lower House (House of Representatives). Some of the students were extremely excited as they had the chance to see some of the prominent Ministers live in action!

The itinerary of the visit also included a walkthrough at the Parliamentary Gallery, as students viewed the historical artefacts in awe; from the artefacts, students were taken on a trip down the memory lane as they had the opportunity to learn about the history of Malaysia as well.

The visit has received extremely positive feedback from the participating students; it was definitely an eye-opener for our Diploma students – the law subject, that is normally perceived as a ‘boring’ subject, has become enjoyable once again!

A Good Start of the CEO Speaker Series

We are pleased to share that the APU Faculty of Business & Management (FBM) officially introduced the first Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Corporate Talk session titled, Journey from Tennis Court to Boardroom by Encik Azlan Abdullah, Managing Director/CEO of Melewar Industrial Corporations.           

The talk was well-received by approximately 200 students who came from different cultures and countries. The aim of the event was to foster the participation of academic communities with industry, so as to promote sustainable policies for worldwide business management. The one hour talk by Mr. Azlan has definitely created awareness of business-related problems especially in steel industry, motivated commitment at the highest level for their solution, and thus promote better management of business resources at various levels includes local, regional, national and international. 


Through this session, students gained more insights on how a steel company operates and are able to understand the reality of the steel industry rather than just understanding it through text books. Mr. Azlan also motivated the students that nothing is impossible and when we have a dream, always find ways to realize it. The students also express a sincere gratitude towards Mr.Azlan during the Q&A session for spending time in APU and sharing his valuable experience in the business industry. 

Field Trip to Public Bank

Classroom learning alone is inadequate to mould the students’ knowledge of their selected field of studies. Exposure to real life industries through the lens of theoretical knowledge and concepts acquired in classroom will bring into the equation a complete learning experience. Recently, School of Management organised a field trip to Public Bank headquarters at Menara Public Bank, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. A total of 40 students from International Business Management and Human Resources Management programmes have participated in the industrial visit by Mr Kantharow Apparavu, and Ms Mazuwin bte Haja Maideen.

Three Public Bank staff members briefed the students about three core areas in banking operations: Human Capital Management, Retail Financial Services and Banking Operations. The students were also given a tour of the frontline operations, and the Department of Treasury. The visit enabled the students to relate their theoretical knowledge to practical aspects, such as product development, marketing, communication flow and network, certification to key industrial standards, and resolution of customer claims.


The visit was successfully concluded with a brief speech of appreciation given by our representative to acknowledge Public Bank efforts in the informative sessions, and their hospitality and guidance throughout the visit at Menara Public Bank.