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APU CyberSecurity Talk - Fake News & Deep Fake Technology (RSVP)


Fake news and deep fake technology are somehow inter-related and can affect our belief systems as they look so factual and real. How do we cope? Is there any scientific methods to alienate betweem the full-truth, half-truth and no truth?

This seminar will discuss and demonstrate some of the mind boggling technologies that can be made available to support fake news. A follow-up panel discussion will take place to discuss possible ways forward.


Mr. Fong Choong Fook

Mr. Fong is the CEO of LGMS - awarded as the 2013 IDG ASEAN CSO of the year and 2017 Cyber Security Professional of the Year by CyberSecurity Malaysia, Mr. Fong Choong Fook has had considerable experience in the IT industry and is a 20-years veteran in the specialised and highly-demanding arena of information security; his special focus is undertaking IT security training and consultations to match strategic business objectives. He is also the author of PECB's Certified Lead Forensic Examiner training course, that is currently being taught worldwide.

Mr. Azril Azam Abdul Rahim

Mr. Azril Rahim is currently one of the senior managers in Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). He manages TNB Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Management section.

His primary role is to formulate strategies and advising company Board of Directors, Management Executives, IT/OT operation heads, contractors and selected customers in cybersecurity tactical, operation and situation initiatives. His secondary role is to manage all activities related to proactive advance threat hunting. At free time, he focuses on photography, superbike touring and playing computer games.


Associate Professor Col (R) Dato' Husin Jazri

Associate Professor Col (R) Dato' Dr Husin Hazri is currently the Senior Director of Information Security, Asia Pacific University. He is also an Associate Professor for Cybersecurity at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) and was awarded the Best Teaching Professor in 2017. Professor Dato' Husin helped to set up the Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) as a co-founder. Professor Dato' Husin Jazri is also a co-founder and the first Chair of APCERT, the founder of OIC-CERT and had provided strategic consultancies in cybersecurity to government and private sectors in Malaysia, Africa and Middle East. He was the recipient of the prestigious Harold Tipton Lifetime Acheivement Award 2010 by the ISC2 for his outstanding works in cybersecurity.

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