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Industrial Visit to Integrasi Erat Sdn Bhd

13 Multimedia and Computer Games students together with 5 lecturers from School of Computing & Technology participated in an industrial visit cum demonstration to Integrasi Erat Sdn Bhd Petaling Jaya on Tuesday, 1st March 2016. This visit was arranged by Mr. Naresh Kumar Appadurai, Mr Kamalanathan Shanmugam and Mr. Mohd Najib Bin Ismail from the School of Computing & Technology, FCET, APU.

During the visit, representatives from the company introduced their Virtalis software range and solutions to staff and students in actual applications and case studies, which allowed them to have a better understanding of the concept of 3D virtualization in various sectors from business to education. Virtalis is a world-leading Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced visualization solutions provider.

A wide range of software were showcased; such as the ActiveMove, a transportable VR system that is part of the ActiveWorks suite, which allowed visualization in stereoscopic 3D with full immersion and interaction through Virtalis’ integrated head and hand tracking solution. Another solution showcased was the GeoVisionary, which was developed by Virtalis in collaboration with the British Geological Survey as a specialist software for high-resolution visualization of spatial data.  Furthermore there was the Visionary Render, a software that allows users to access and experience a real-time, interactive and immersive Virtual Reality (VR) environment created from huge 3D datasets.

The highlight of the visit was when the students had the opportunity to experience firsthand immersive 3D virtualization on various applications created using the Virtalis software by using special visors with sensors. It was indeed a useful and interesting demonstration, which exposed students to various application and areas of 3D virtualization. We look forward to more out-of-classroom learning experiences for our students in the future! 

Staff attended: Muhammad Ehsan Rana, Naresh Kumar Appadurai, Kamalanathan Shanmugam, Zierasmayu Bte Abd Rahman, Md Baharul Islam
Students attended: Ahmed Nabeeh Abdul Sattar, Sheikh Ahmed Sheikh Al-Kaf, Sharma A/L Rajasekaran, Nicholas Inggih, Kenny Kwee King, Lew Tin Wah, Bestly Edyson, Mohammed Saleh Mohammed Alzawbari, Lai Jia Lok, Muhammad Zohaib Malik, Pidial Yvan Hans, Nida Shaugi Seff