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Role Model For Future Engineers

Congratulations to Dr. Arun Seeralan Balakrishnan ━ Best Academic Liaison Officer of 2020​

We would like to convey our heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Arun Seeralan Balakrishnan, Senior Lecturer from the School of Engineering, who was awarded the Best Academic Liaison Officer Award 2020 of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Malaysia for his outstanding capabilities and active contribution towards nurturing the APU IMechE Student Chapter, by supporting and inspiring future Engineers.

The IMechE ALO Award 2020 was held with the aim to support and nurture young Innovative Engineers as well as recognising the hard work and dedication of the Academic Liaison Officer who is actively involved in the Student Chapter to provide necessary resources and career guidance for students to become successful Engineers.

Dr. Arun has always been passionate in his role and took great pride in increasing student profiles by linking them to the industries as well as providing opportunities to explore the world of Engineering and beyond. He is driven to polish aspiring future Engineers by engaging the APU IMechE student chapter in various Technical and Non-Technical workshops together with competitions.

Some of the multiple initiatives led by Dr. Arun throughout his years involve venturing into 3D printing of PPE face shields which was collaborated with APU Research Centre for Robotic Engineering (APCORE), provided to aid vulnerable frontlines for healthcare and essential services. Dr. Arun was also successful in managing exciting hands-on workshop on Solid-works software, which he then prepares students for IMechE SOFE Competitions, Robocon, and so on. Moreover, the Design skill competition 2020 which was hosted by APU IMechE student chapter under his guidelines online through Ms-Teams, has also successfully reached to other Engineering students of different universities during the pandemic.

​Featured in the April 2021 issue of the IMechE Quarterly Newsletter, Dr. Arun serve as the catalyst of bridging APU IMechE Student Chapter with the Malaysian IMechE branch. His continuous devotion and experience have earned him the award of The Best Academic Liaison Officer 2020. We are honoured to have Dr. Arun as a part of our faculty member, and we look forward to seeing him sharing his valuable industrial knowledge with our students from the Engineering programmes!