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Small Contributions, Massive Impact

Ramadhan Relief 2021 brings hope of better times for Refugees in Malaysia

“Not everyone can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

Every year, thousands of refugees in Malaysia observe Ramadhan surrounded by conflict and hardship. For those uprooted from their homes, celebrating during the holy month can be a tragic reminder of everything they have lost. Initiated by the School of Foundation, Ramadhan Relief is an annual community project aimed at empowering refugee families in Malaysia which includes families from Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, and Myanmar to name a few. This year would be the fourth year in a row in which the Ramadhan Relief project was successfully organised and executed by our students under the guidance and leadership of Ms. Nor Fadilah. 

Facing poverty, precarity, and lack of job opportunities amidst the COVID-19 adversity, the condition becomes more challenging for these refugee families as basic necessities such as food staples are seen as luxurious, which many of them are unable to afford. Through this project, our APU students have raised approximately RM 3,000 in funds through a series of activities which include bake sales, toy car collection sales as well as receiving contributions from friends and families. With the given fund that has been raised, basic food supplies like rice, oil, flour, milk, and others were purchased, packed, and distributed to 40 refugee families.

​Overall, it was a rewarding experience for the students to understand the situations of these communities and to reach out during the holy month of Ramadhan. From delivering food packages to showing compassion for the families, they’ve gone out of their way to ensure these refugee families are not left alone. These small contributions have resulted in massive relief for these vulnerable families. Their perseverance, dedication, and tireless contributions have made this event a great success during these difficult times.

Well Done to the School of Foundation and the students for leading a hand for those who are in need during these trying times!