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Animated Music Video Peegoo Pigeon Features Groovy Music And Virtual Tourism

Recognition and screening at three international animation festivals

A short-animated music video released by our animation student, Adrian Au Tak Fung has been officially selected for screening in three international animation festival: WTF 2021 (A subsidiary of Annecy Animation Festival), Happy Valley Animation Festival and First-Time Filmmaker Online Sessions recently.

The Peegoo Pigeon clip features a humanoid pigeon travelling around the world from a country to another country and there are scenes in between the shots where Adrian portrays some entertaining short story.

London, Mexico City, New York, Paris, Rome, Sydney, Shanghai and Tokyo are among the fascinating destinations in the world that appear in the 70-seconds short animated music video.

Adrian's "Peegoo Pigeon" has some groovy drumbeat, guitar riffs and back spinning sound which will cheer you up with the combination of cut-out and rotoscoping animation.

On the recognition, Adrian said he felt incredibly proud of the whole idea and achievement as it had been a rough period for the film and music communities lately. He had put in many man hours and energy towards producing the music video.

“It is heart-warming not only for having created this animated music video but also for having received these international recognitions,” he said.

Peegoo Pigeon was created during his second year of his degree studies using special effects and diverse digital 2D computer animation techniques which he learned a lot from his mentors (lecturers), Mr Jack Lai Yong Geat and Mr Fitri Anas Muhiddin from the School of Media, Arts and Design.

Released on YouTube on 24 Jun 2021, the Peegoo Pigeon animated music video was produced entirely from scratch by Adrian, including the groovy song.

The styling and concept for Peegoo Pigeon were mostly inspired by Adrian’s idea which he gets from his imagination when he thinks of flocks of pigeon around the famous vacations spots where tourists used to see them (Pigeon) while travelling around the world. 

“So, I did some twist, instead of showing normal human being, I made a Pigeon with a human body travelling around the world and in the future, I will create more interesting videos with different usage of methods to make interesting chemistry,” said Adrian.

View the video here: