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Triple Awards For APU In South East Asian IMechE PLC Design Competition 2021

Team One, LHT & Devil Challengers show their capabilities in three hours designing an automation electro-pneumatic circuit and a car control system

Three teams from Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) have emerged as champions in the IMechE PLC Design Competition 2021 organized by IMechE APU Student Chapter, Malaysia in collaboration with Republic Polytechnic, Singapore.

This was the first international event held by the APU IMechE Student Chapter attracted participation from teams within South East Asia Region — Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia.

Eleven teams (eight teams at Degree level and three teams at Diploma level) took part in this competition in two different categories which aim to cultivate teamwork, use their imagination and analytical skills to invent, design and turn ideas into Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) circuits among young Engineers.

Each participant in this competition is tested on analytical thinking, technical knowledge and providing solutions within a short duration of time (three hours) for the specified task.
For Degree level students, all teams are required to design, produce, and simulate the circuit of PLC programming using electro-pneumatic circuit design by using CX-One (CX programmer and CX designer) and demonstrate PLC programming using a pneumatic system, conveyor system and linear motor system.

All the systems must be integrated with the GUI system to comprehensively simulate the process to facilitate the manufacturing process involved in the cement industries using the dry process method. 

Diploma level students are required to design and implement a pneumatic control system for the final finishing process of a car system consists of three separate stations and three conveyor systems to move the car from the first station to the third station.

Each conveyor system is driven by a 230Vac Motor and the pneumatic system is used to move the car from 1 conveyor belt to the next conveyor belt using PLC ladder logic State Machine, Pneumatic control lines, Electrical control showing relay and PLC interface to the input/output cards and a Human Machine Interface (HMI) control panel.

Team One presentation video.

Team One (Jerome Ignatius Yuen Yi Xian, Kok Fu Jie, Lamha Abdulla and Wong Yi Chen) were adjudged Champions and Team LHT (Ho Tian Siang, Lee Yi Chen and Teoh Kean Hao) won the First Runner up in the Degree level categories. Both teams walked away with cash prizes and certificates.

Team Devil Challengers (Amogha Seelan B.A and Muhammad Aqil bin Mazelan) won the First Runner up in the Diploma level categorie with cash prizes and certificates.

As a mentor for Team One, Ts Dr Alexander realizes knowledge and skills should go beyond regular classes, meetings, workshops, and additional case studies. Entering international high-level competitions is a great way to speed up the learning process.

“To qualify for international competition, Team One went through a stringent internal round of internal selection before qualifying to participate at this international level competition. 

“The hard work paid off as the team emerged champions at this competition. Even though the team members are still students’ level, their work which has been endorsed by industry which will surely elevate their confidence and portfolio for their future careers,” he said.

Team LHT presentation video.

Ir. Jacqueline Lukose underlined the vital role that Team LHT played in sharing their knowledge and capabilities in designing automation systems.

“This impressed the judging panel comprised of industry professionals. Creating industry relevant projects while still studying will be a bonus when they graduate as professionals and seek their future careers.”

Team Devil Challengers presentation video.

Meanwhile, academic liaison for IMechE APU Student Chapter and mentor for Team Devil Challengers, Dr Arun Seeralan Balakrishnan said he and all committee members welcome all Diplomas and Degree-seeking students to “take the challenge as a steppingstone which can help establish their creativity, innovation & skills during their studies and reach greater heights upon graduation”. 

Resources and support for the IMechE PLC Design Competition 2021 was provided by APU and awards funded by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Malaysia Branch.