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Beach Cleaning Initiative: 40 APU Students Join Hands At Beach Clean-Up

Instilling Environmental Conscious Mindset Through Beach Cleaning Initiative at Morib Beach, Banting

Morib Beach Banting, once a popular beach destination for both day-trippers and tourists, has seen a drop in visitors in the past years. However just recently, a different kind of visitor has descended on the idyllic beach.

Armed with rubble gloves and rubbish bags, 40 APU students were the partakers in the Beach Cleaning programme with one common goal – to get rid of the beach litter and spread the message that rubbish is the greatest threat to the ecosystem.

Initiated by the School of Foundation, accompanying the students were Mr. Muhammad Ma'wa Bin Abdul Aziz and Ms. Ruthira Nair.

By the end of the outing, they’ve cleared and collected bags of rubbish which was mostly plastic-based trash such as grocery bags, water bottles, various food containers, polystyrene boxes, and countless unidentified items.

The fundamental goal of this excursion, as mentioned by Mr. Muhammad Ma'wa, is to encourage and instil more environmental conscious mindset to our students. This clean-up activity has definitely developed awareness on the importance of social responsibility towards the society and the environment, which is also consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals.

We have always prioritised environmental stewardship, environmental protection, and the preservation of mother nature. This time, the School of Foundation has undoubtedly made a difference to our environment through this programme.

Despite the physical exhaustion that followed, our students gained a lot from the experience and were able to form new connections like never before. It also enhances their communication skills while helping a good cause.

Most importantly, it is hoped that this endeavour would stimulate and create awareness on the importance of creating a sustainable environment among the younger generations and future generations to come.