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SoB Students Help Clean Up Gasing Hill Area

Devoted to the elderly while raising awareness and being a part of nature by collecting 25 bags of plastic waste for recycling

Volunteers began their day by donating and dedicating themselves to the elderly before cleaning up the surrounding area.

In conjunction with World Environment Month, School of Business (SoB) students from Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) participated in the 'Gasing Hill Clean Up Walk' in Petaling Jaya, Selangor on 28 June 2022.

SoB's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, in collaboration with the Soroptimist International Club of Shah Alam (SISA), served as a platform to raise awareness and be a part of nature among the surrounding community in order to preserve the environment.

The event was also supported by the local community, particularly hikers, who, along with around 30 volunteers, including APU students and staff, began the event with breakfast with the elderly at MultiCare Nursing Home and donated some cleaning supplies.

Some students were kind enough to donate groceries to the homes, and SISA provided food for all volunteers.

They began the 6.2 KM morning walk around Gasing Hill to collect rubbish and waste left by irresponsible individuals via the main routes led by two experienced hikers.

Their goal is to collect as much plastic from the community's surroundings as possible. Plastic waste, polystyrene, and cigarette butts were among the most common types of rubbish collected.

“It was such a great day because it had been raining for the past few mornings, but on that day, it was a great sunny day and It was a morning of sheer pleasure of having a breeze walk while managing to collect about 25 bags of plastic materials, which were then sent for recycling,” said SoB Lecturer Ms Cynthia Mala Paul Dorairaj.

After completing the entire process and returning to the home to have lunch with MultiCare's elderly, they were greeted cheerfully by a large number of walkers who were very impressed with the student's initiative and enthusiasm.

Overall, the 'Gasing Hill Clean Up Walk' is unique and enjoyable because APU values similar activities like this as adding value to teaching and learning on campus. Students can have fun while learning to improve their communication skills and community interaction.

As they bonded together as a group towards reaching a common goal which is to eliminate plastic materials along the way while staying in good health as well as admiring mother nature.

Ms Cynthia (three from right), SoB lecturer, photographed memories with the volunteers and stated that more positive collaborations with SISA will be conducted in the future.