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A Foundation For A World Of Opportunities

APU's Foundation Programme provides unlimited choices for levelling up to undergraduate studies

The 12-month Foundation Programme at APU is designed to prepare SPM, ‘O’ Levels or equivalent qualifications holders with the knowledge and skills to progress into the first year of a degree of their choice.

MANY school leavers are not sure about what to choose for their pre-university programme. Very likely, they do not know what their strength is, what suits them the most or what the choices are before them.

Consequently, they are not able to make a firm and clear decision on what to pick for tertiary studies.

A pre-university qualification is an essential pathway to bridge school leavers to a bachelor’s degree. It is extremely important that any pre-university programme provides students with the right type of preparation in order to succeed in their degree programme of choice. In this regard, foundation programmes are an ideal pathway for bridging this gap. With the range of pathways available, the Foundation Programme offered by Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) provides a pathway to over 60 degrees that cover a wide spectrum of study fields, leading students towards a path that they are passionate about,” stated the School of Foundation head Datin Dr Sarvinder Kaur.

“Our Foundation Programme covers preparatory modules, skill-based modules as well as programme-specific modules,” she elaborated.

“This blend of modules ensures a smooth transition into university life, in preparing students for their degree programmes as well as to ensure that they receive a great start in their development towards becoming highly employable professionals”

According to her, the study modules for the Foundation Programme lead to four major pathways – Business, Finance and Psychology; Computing and Technology; Engineering; and Design.

Study areas that are covered by the above four major pathways are Business and Management, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Tourism, Accounting, Finance, Banking, Actuarial Studies, Media and Communication, Psychology, Computing and Technology, Games Development, Engineering, Industrial Design, Visual Effects, Animation, Digital Advertising and more.

“Students may choose different routes depending on their area of interest. As the modules are comprehensively designed and incorporated to unearth a student's potential and develop strengths and study skills, they will greatly benefit,” explained Dr Sarvinder.

“Ultimately, students who complete their foundation studies will be guided to a specific degree programme, based on their foundation experiences.”

With the flexibility of choice in APU’s Foundation Programme, students can change their study path either during or upon completion of their programmes.

The APU Foundation Programme lays the pathway toward professional tertiary education which is a vital transformation point for every student.

Year-1 BSc (Hons) in Computer Science student Joeshenraj Singh Sahota, 17, benefited from this flexibility as he switched from the Engineering pathway to Computing and Technology.  

“I chose the Engineering pathway in the Foundation Programme at first when I signed up for the programme in 2021 as I have been told that it will provide me with a wide option in choosing a degree programme later on.”

When Joeshenraj was about to complete his first semester of foundation studies, he found out he is more inclined toward an IT-related degree programme. 

“So, I decided to switch my pathways,” he recalled. 

“With the flexibility of choices offered, it wasn’t difficult for me to switch my study pathways. 

“The processes were straightforward. I was able to start my second semester with a new set of study modules.” 

Year-1 Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Actuarial Studies student, Chua Xin Ci, 19, started her Computing and Technology pathway, right after she stepped out of secondary school. 

“After completing my foundation studies, I then made up my mind to pursue a programme outside my primary pathway,” said Chua. 

“APU’s Foundation Programme allows me to flexibly switch my current degree programme. It was a smooth transition without any hassle.

“It is known for its flexibility in switching pathways. When I was doing this programme, I realised that it shared many common modules with the other pathways ranging from Business to Engineering. 

“One of the modules I found most helpful was Academic Research Skills. I learned how to conduct proper research, study journals, and write a report. 

“All these had well prepared me for tertiary level assignments.”  

International student from Bangladesh, Md Maheer Azim, 20 who is currently pursuing a BA (Hons) in Marketing Management degree, switched from an engineering pathway upon completion of his foundation studies. 

“I came from a science background and my father always wanted me to pursue a career in engineering. 

“However, it is not my forte. A great professor encouraged me to study marketing as he was confident that I would do well in corresponding exams. True enough, after switching to my current programme, I am doing exceptionally well.” 

Dr. Sarvinder added that to take care of students’ needs, the school has a unique support system. 

Various strategies are carried out like arranging for helpful academic mentors to ensure students are well guided on their academic progressions and providing pastoral care, advice and motivation.

Soft skills, general knowledge and preparatory subject fundamentals acquired from the Foundation School at APU lead students to excellent performance in academics, as well as career readiness for the future.

In summarising how the school ensures students get a smooth transition just in case, they need to do a “U-turning” from a primary pathway to the secondary one, Dr Sarvinder opined, “The APU Foundation Programme is a vital transition point for school leavers, they are provided with a foundational understanding of various fundamental modules and are always guided through briefings and activities to ensure they have a clear picture of what to pursue.

“With the mixed modules in place, students enjoy the flexibility to determine a definite study route by the second or third semester, and subsequently straight sailing to tertiary education.

“By providing them soft skills – leadership and teamwork, problem-solving skills, social skills and responsibility, practical skills, on top of general knowledge and discipline fundamentals, students will be led to excellence in the academic preparatory stage for they will be moving on as global professionals in the future,” she said. 

For more information, visit www.apu.edu.my or call 03-8996 1000 or 1-300 888 278 (toll-free). This article can also be read at StarPicks