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Industrial Visit at Menara Maybank Empowers APU Students With Insight Into Banking Technology

Embarking on a journey of technological exploration, students from diverse computer science disciplines at Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) delved into the heart of innovation with a captivating visit to Menara Maybank, Kuala Lumpur on 19th April 2024.

Organised by Assoc Prof Dr Raja Rajeswari (Associate Professor, School of Computing at APU) and Dr Adeline Sneha John Chrisastum (Senior Lecturer, School of Computing at APU), the visit aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical insights into the evolving landscape of the banking sector, particularly through computing technologies.

The participating students, pursuing Degree in Computer Science with a Specialism in Data Analytics, Degree in Software Engineering, and Degree in Computer Science, gained a unique glimpse into the daily operations at Maybank.

Emphasising the importance of adaptability and continuous learning, the visit underscored employee expectations in today’s fast-paced financial environment.

A significant portion of the visit was dedicated to understanding the requisites for aspiring professionals to join an organisation like Maybank.

Representatives from Maybank elaborated on the necessary tools, software skills, and leadership qualities needed for employment opportunities within their organisation.

Interactive sessions led by esteemed members of Maybank’s management team provided valuable insights into the current projects undertaken by the bank, particularly those integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into banking services.

These interactions highlighted the importance of initiative-taking ability and technological adeptness among other skill sets sought after by Maybank.

Many students found the highlight of the visit to be learning about internship opportunities at Maybank, which serve as stepping stones to careers in banking technology.

Moreover, the visit served as an excellent platform for enhancing interpersonal skills through direct engagement with industry professionals, offering invaluable networking opportunities and clarity on aligning academic pursuits with career objectives, specifically tailored towards banking technologies driven by AI advancements.

In a nutshell, the industrial visit broadened students’ perspectives on merging traditional banking with AI innovations, setting a collaborative benchmark for academia and industry in shaping banking technology’s future.