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APU Mathematics & Accounting Competition (MAC), Batu Pahat

The Mathematics & Accounting Competition (MAC) took place on the 16th of August (Saturday) in Chinese High School, Batu Pahat. Organised by the School of Accounting, Finance & Quantitative Studies (SAFIQS), Student Services and EduQuest Education Services, this competition saw participation of 30 teams (4 students per team) from 15 secondary schools in Batu Pahat, Johor.

The competition was divided into two sections: the Preliminary Round and the Final Stage. In the Preliminary Round, students were required to solve a set of Mathematics and Accounting questions within an hour. SMK Tinggi Batu Pahat, SMK Munshi Sulaiman, SMK Dato’ Bentara Luar, Chinese High School Batu Pahat and SMK Yong Peng eventually progressed to the Finals with their excellent skills. In the Final Stage, hosted by lecturer, Mr Saw Looi Beng, students had fun playing the challenging educational game, which required them to demonstrate outstanding teamwork and a well-planned strategy to overcome their opponents.

SMK Tinggi Batu Pahat, also winner of the competition in year 2012, stood out among the finalists as the Champion. All finalists were placed as below:




SMK Tinggi Batu Pahat

1st Runner Up

SMK Munshi Sulaiman

2nd Runner Up

SMK Dato’ Bentara Luar

4th Place

Chinese High School Batu Pahat

5th Place

SMK Yong Peng

Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all participating schools. Let’s meet again next year!