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Wildlife Experience @ Taman Negara

Students from the School of Foundation (SoF) embarked onto a thrilling adventure at the National Park (Taman Negara) on the last weekend, 6th to 7th of September (Saturday - Sunday). This event was jointly organised by the APU Mountain Climbing Club and the APU School of Foundation.

As they temporary left the hustle and bustle of KL behind them, these students had unforgettable experiences at the park, as their itineraries were filled with fun-filled activities, such as walking on the longest Canopy Walkway in the world, jungle trekking, visiting the aborigine village and more. Many of them also had their first experience sleeping in a cave at night, as the group camped at the Kepayang Cave.

Despite the absence of power supply, electronic products and weak mobile network signals, it was a memorable experience for all students, especially those who had grown up in the cities. By looking at their faces of satisfaction on the returning ride, we certainly can conclude that they are ready for more thrilling escapades like this.