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Zoo Volunteering Programme @ National Zoo, Kuala Lumpur

About 40 students from the School of Foundation (SoF) became zookeepers of a day as they participated in the Zoo Volunteering Programme on the 3rd of September 2014 (Wednesday). It was an unforgettable experience for these students as they were given the opportunity to perform caretaking duties, such as cleaning the animal waste and feeding the animals. They had their closest encounters with bulls, otters, hyenas, elephants and other wildlife animals as they entered their dens and cages, which are usually out of bounds to the public. 

Despite the mosquito bites and the heavy sweat that trickled from their bodies, these students truly enjoyed the process and their roles as zookeepers for the day. If he is given a second chance, Vikna Raj, student from the School of Foundation, said that he will definitely participate in the programme again, as it was "tiring yet fun". "It was a great exposure for the students as they have learnt a lot from this programme," said Ms Cynthia Paul, accompanying lecturer and one of the organisers of the trip.