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Nurturing Financial Innovation – Industrial Visit To Maybank’s Innovation Centre

Recently, in line with the Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0, the Banking and Financial Services industries are undergoing revolutionary changes as well. Maybank, as the largest bank in Malaysia, adapts to the culture of change, allowing them to transform from a traditional bureaucratic banking environment to an innovative hub for the development of Financial Technology (FinTech).

To learn from the industry experts, students of the Banking & Finance and Islamic Banking & Finance programmes visited Maybank’s Innovation Centre recently, under the guidance of Ms. Ng Hui Chen & Ms. Ummi Kalthum from the School of Accounting & Finance.

During their visit, the students went on a tour around the impressive workspaces of the Innovation Centre; and they were impressed by the environment that differed greatly from a traditional bank office. Ms. Sabrina Ema and Mr. Wong Kin Seng from Maybank delivered an inspiring talk during the visit; the visiting group was pleased to hear from them about how Maybank penetrated the culture of change and innovation in a traditional bureaucratic banking environment, as well as how Maybank built the FinTech ecosystem by providing assistance for the FinTech startups in Malaysia. The duo also shared insights on Maybank’s future directions, in which FinTech will be one of their main focus areas for 2020.

Another major focus of the industrial visit was also to share the values of entrepreneurship. Both Ms. Sabrina and Mr. Wong gave useful tips to our students on funding procedures and options as well as the necessary regulatory support required, for them to become successful entrepreneurs. As Maybank has funded many startups in FinTech, the advice was extremely useful and we were pleased to listen to those stories of experience.

We have been maintaining a good industry-academia relationship with Maybank, while many of our alumni have embarked on interesting careers with Maybank. Through this visit to Maybank’s Innovation Centre, we look forward to seeing our students contributing to their growth as FinTech professionals of the future.  

First Academic Qualification in FinTech

In collaboration with SuperCharger, Asia’s leading financial technology (“FinTech”) accelerator, we are now the first university in Malaysia to offer undergraduate programmes related to FinTech, to address the needs for talent development in this emerging industry. The launch of the programme was officiated through the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Datuk Parmjit Singh, CEO of APIIT Education Group and Johnny Mayo, Asia General Manager, SuperCharger FinTech Accelerator on 29 November 2018.

Prior to the launch, SuperCharger conducted the “Train the Trainer” programme at APU, to equip the APU academic team with foundational knowledge in FinTech and to prepare them for effective programme and subject delivery.

The Bachelor in Banking and Finance with a specialism in Financial Technology is a 3 years degree programme that aims to deliver technical knowledge and skills in handling digital banking and finance products and services. Specialised modules delivered through the programme include introduction on essentials of FinTech, Enabling FinTech, Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technologies, Crowdfunding and Alternative Lending, FinTech Governance, Risk Management & Compliance with the ability for the students to become entrepreneurs in FinTech.

Under the collaboration between SuperCharger and APU, the APU SuperCharger FinTech Academy will also be established at APU, to facilitate the research and development in FinTech-related areas. SuperCharger will offer their assistance to students in realizing their FinTech startup ideas, encouraging them to be FinTech entrepreneurs in the future. It is also anticipated that SuperCharger will continue to facilitate guest lectures at APU to expose students and staff towards this emerging industry.

Prior to this collaboration, SuperCharger facilitated a guest lecture at APU by Huy Nguyen Trieu (Co-Founder of the Centre of Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) and CEO of the Disruptive Group) in May 2018, to educate students the importance of FinTech and to provide further understanding of FinTech applications.

We are proud to be chosen by SuperCharger to become the first university in Malaysia to launch this programme. Together with SuperCharger, we aim to address the talent gaps in the industry and we look forward to seeing our graduates of this programme contribute significantly to the FinTech industry.

The Bachelor in Banking and Finance with a specialism in Financial Technology is expected to commence in February 2019. Graduates in this programme are in high demand, in which they may pursue careers as Financial Analysts, Financial Engineers, Quantitative Analysts, Financial Technologists, Compliance Expert, Strategy Analysts and more.