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Industry Talk

Learning Through Film

With aims to expose students to the industry and real-life film making processes, the School of Media, Arts and Design (SOMAD) recently hosted a Film Screening and Discussion Session with DOA MAMA Productions, Indonesia, who the production house behind the film titled “Lasagna”.

Apart from screening the movie at the session, under the moderation of Dr. Stephen Poon from SOMAD, Adi Victory, the Director of the film, spoke about his experience leading the production crew throughout the filming process pipeline, together with Daniel Victory, Bangga Ramadhan and Fabiana Alam, the Producers and Co-Producer of the movie. As independent filmmakers, they shared their hands-on experience going through crowdfunding, pre-production, post-production, distribution and screening processes of the independent short film. The film was the winner of the Europe On Screen Pitching Forum in Indonesia last August 2018, and the team has been collaborating with creative industries and public figures in Indonesia ever since.

The short film was compelling, as the storyline revolved around the issue of drug trafficking, death sentences, corruption and sexual exploitation that have been taking place in various countries in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. It was an eye-opening experience for students who attended the session, as they were inspired by the strong will and passion of the production team in using films to tell stories, that were previously untold. Although this was the first film screening organized by SOMAD, it was a successful one after all!

Synopsis of Lasagna – “Eve without Adam”:

The story begin when Rudi and Mirna had met in Italy and decided to get married. But everything changed when they went back to Indonesia, and Rudi was sentenced to death because of some reason.

Coming close to her husband’s executions, Mirna was asked to come with a piece of Lasagna to the prison. Rudi was arrested with the possession of 8kg of cocaine at Soekarno Hatta International Airport. He was accused of smuggling drugs from Italy to Indonesia. Lost in court, facing hard reality that he was sentenced to death. Rudi wished to enjoy his last Lasagna with Mirna. Mirna cooked the most delicious Lasagna for her husband. But when his eyes finally met hers, Rudi chose not to eat the Lasagna. He wanted the Lasagna to be a witness to their goodbyes. In the end, Mirna and Rudi dancing beautifully while Lasagna watched on them.

Lasagna was Rudi and Mirna’s favorite meal when they both went to the Pharmacy Faculty in the University of Naples, Italy. Lasagna isn’t only food for them, but also a witness of their love, rage and happiness.

Learning About Taxation In The Era Of Digital Economy

In line with the digital transformation that is happening in line with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0), there is a need for taxation professionals to address, adopt and embrace the changes within the industry. With aims to exposing students towards the digital impacts towards taxation, the School of Accounting & Finance (SAF) recently hosted an industry talk conducted by TraTax, an independent tax advisory firm that is one of the top 10 firms in Malaysia.

Mr. Renganathan Kannan, Tax Partner of TraTax conducted the talk for our students under the BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance with a specialism in Taxation programme. Apart from sharing his practical knowledge of being actively involved in the tax practicing industry, Mr. Renganathan also distributed copies of the Budget Commentary 2020 for our students’ academic reading. The interactive lecture, titled “Taxation in the Era of the Digital Economy”, highlighted the changing landscape of taxation in the digital economy, as well as the expectations towards future tax professionals, in order to excel within the industry.
We are honoured to be the first university selected by TraTax to host the lecture . TraTax is amongst our 10,000 industry partners who are actively involved in helping us to develop industry-relevant curriculum. 


A Deep Dive Into International Conflicts

International conflicts and cross-border tensions are amongst world’s major issues that are lingering around the modern days, as they lead to war, tensions, trade sanctions and other destructive circumstances among nations that are involved. Recently, our BA (Hons) in International Relations students took a deep dive into investigating the cause and the devastating effects of the world’s major international conflicts at a guest lecture conducted by Dr. Muhammad Danial Azman, Senior Lecturer from the Department of International and Strategic Studies, Universiti Malaya.
At the session, students were introduced to the current situation in Syria, Somalia as well as the Israel-Palestine conflict, in which they were trained to analyse the root causes, the chronological development and the effects of these international conflicts. As a PhD holder in International Relations specializing in African Studies, Dr. Muhammad Danial provided deep insights and new realms of knowledge to students who attended the guest lecture.
Aside from their usual curriculum, our students are now exposed to the opportunities to learn from experts of different areas of knowledge – this has certainly broadened their horizons of knowledge, and these knowledge gained will certainly benefit them as future diplomats / international relations specialists.

A Good Start of the CEO Speaker Series

We are pleased to share that the APU Faculty of Business & Management (FBM) officially introduced the first Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Corporate Talk session titled, Journey from Tennis Court to Boardroom by Encik Azlan Abdullah, Managing Director/CEO of Melewar Industrial Corporations.           

The talk was well-received by approximately 200 students who came from different cultures and countries. The aim of the event was to foster the participation of academic communities with industry, so as to promote sustainable policies for worldwide business management. The one hour talk by Mr. Azlan has definitely created awareness of business-related problems especially in steel industry, motivated commitment at the highest level for their solution, and thus promote better management of business resources at various levels includes local, regional, national and international. 


Through this session, students gained more insights on how a steel company operates and are able to understand the reality of the steel industry rather than just understanding it through text books. Mr. Azlan also motivated the students that nothing is impossible and when we have a dream, always find ways to realize it. The students also express a sincere gratitude towards Mr.Azlan during the Q&A session for spending time in APU and sharing his valuable experience in the business industry.