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Addressing The Global Issue

According to a report published by The Star, 3,000 metric tons of food are being disposed daily by Malaysian consumers. There is a need for us to be educated on the significant impacts of food wastage to the environment and the economy. In view of addressing the devastating effects of this issue, a group of students from the MSc in International Business Communications programme organized a “Food Waste Management and Opportunities” Campaign, as part of their assignment for the Planning Business Communication Campaigns module recently.

The campaign commenced with a research that was conducted within our cafeteria, as well as the display of “Clean Plate Challenge” posters at the campus screens and the counters, to raise awareness of this issue. The students conducted an observation over 3 weeks during lunch hours, and it was found that 21.9% of patrons have wasted food over their lunch times at APU, leaving us with only 78.1% of “Clean Plates” over the campaign.
The next stage of the campaign followed by a professional talk by industry experts, who are experienced in dealing with food wastage within the industry. Ms Mae Ooi, Sales Director of Bio Genetics from Maeko; Mr Philip Dodd, Team Leader, Outreach & Education from The Lost Food Project; and Ms. Chen Ching Yee, Operations Executive from Grub Cycle conducted the talk, exposing the audience to huge potentials and significant initiatives that can be participated by members of the public, the private sector as well as the government sector.

It was a comprehensive effort by the students to address the alarming issue; throughout the process of planning and executing the campaign, the group of students managing to put their skills into practice, as part of their hands-on training to be future events planning and marketing communications professionals. In addition, it was also a wake-up call for all of us – let’s put in effort together and let’s start to play our part in reducing global food wastage.
Kudos, students, for pulling this meaningful campaign together!

International Relations Students Attended Seminar on The Muslim World

A total of 18 students and 5 lecturers from the International Relations programme attended a seminar titled ‘The Muslim World, Present and Future: Regional Powers, Terrorism and Religious Extremism,' co-organised by University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Asia West East Institute (AsiaWE) earlier this month at UTM Campus, Jalan Semarak in Kuala Lumpur. This field trip was organised by Mr. Kennimrod Saribuja James Pasaribu and Mr.  Muhammad Ammar Hisyam under the School of Marketing and Media to expose students from International Relations programme to some real political issues in the world and its impact on the regional and world’s social, economic and political situations.       

The seminar featured many well-known Islamic scholars such as Professor Dr. Kamaruzaman Yusoff from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Professor Dr. Syed Farid Alatas from National University of Singapore and Associate Professor Dr.  Mohd Roslan Mohd Nor from University of Malaya. The speakers addressed issues related to the current political and security situation in the Middle East especially on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Among the topics discussed were the concepts of Islamic Jerusalem, Zionism, Christian Zionism, the superpowers involvement in the Middle East, the future of two-state solution for Israel and Palestine and the threat of religious extremism in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.  

The seminar was indeed very informative and well-structured to include the historical aspects as well as the practical concept in promoting peace and security in the Middle East.  As a result, the students were able to analyse the current dispute initiated among several fractions in the Middle East from historical, political and security perspectives, examine how the political turmoil affected the Muslim world and understand the importance of resolutions to cultivate peace and harmony in the Muslim world. 

Finally borrowing one of the quotes from Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.  We appreciate this opportunity created for the students by the lecturers and look forward to seeing the students become successful leaders and hopefully be part of the peacekeeping solutions in the Middle East in future.

Industrial Visit to Royal Selangor

“It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books.”

Apart from learning academic knowledge in classrooms, our Tourism Management students also conducted an industrial visit to Royal Selangor, in order to gain practical experience and knowledge in the real-world tourism industry, under the coordination of Mr. Pathmanaban and Ms. Fiona from the APU School of Marketing & Media (SOMM).

The students learnt about the history of Royal Selangor - Begun as a little wooden working with an "attap" rooftop more than 132 years ago, Royal Selangor was later renovated as a building with Tudor-style architecture. The Main Club house, affectionately known as "The Spotted Dog", was situated at the "Padang", now known as Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur, where cricket matches and different games occasions were once held. As a prestigious Club with 6.500 members, Royal Selangor has a sports annexe at Bukit Kiara. 

Upon their visit, the students enhanced their understanding on managing and operating a clubhouse, as well as an overview of the clubhouse’s exceptional sports, entertainment and business facilities, formal and informal restaurants, lounges, landscaped garden views as they underwent a complimentary tour. It was an enjoyable yet beneficial experience for all students who participated, and they truly enjoyed the unique out-of-classroom experience.