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Another Glorious ‘Malaysia Boleh!’ Moment

Once again, our students shone bright like a diamond in the international arena!

We are extremely proud to announce the success of our Engineering students, Mohamed Ahsan & Akshey Kumar from the School of Engineering, who unleashed their potentials and bagged the Best Innovation Prize at the 24th International ICT Innovation Services Awards (Innoserve Awards) 2019 that was held recently at Taipei, Taiwan. The team was under the supervision of their lecturer, Dr. Freddy Tan Kheng Suan. The same team also achieved astonishing results at the APICTA Malaysia Awards as well as the Singapore Energy Innovation Challenge previously.

InnoServe Awards is an annual ICT application competition held for university and college students. It is the largest and the most significant ICT Awards in Taiwan. InnoServe provides a platform for students to present their projects, while at the same time, promoting academic-industry collaboration by integrating academic training and practical experience. 

More than 10,000  teachers and students from over 100 universities and colleges participated in the Contest. The team stood out among the 12 Global Finalists, which included teams from Australia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and Taiwan. Our team who represented Malaysia was awarded the Best Innovation Award for their project.

At the competition, our students developed a low cost and portable cancer detector, which combined their innovative ideas and amazing technical skills as well as charitable objectives. The detector allows users to detect harmful radiation in the environment – upon testing, it was found that the detector was highly sensitive and accurate. This is a solid testament to our students’ capability in producing industrial-grade equipment that can benefit the healthcare industry at a low cost – even before they graduate

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to the team and KUDOS to Dr. Freddy for their astonishing achievement – this has once again proven that APU students are capable to achieve outstanding success internationally. In addition, they showed the world what it means by ‘Malaysia Boleh!’ when it comes to global competitiveness. We look forward to seeing Akshey and Ahsan as successful Engineers who will bring significant contribution to the world and the society.