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UCTI Taekwondo Intercollegiate Cup Champions

Started in 2002 under the watchful eyes of Mr. Tony Lee, a practitioner of Taekwondo for 23 years, the APIIT/UCTI Taekwondo Club had since made a commitment to not only practice Taekwondo moves weekly, but also to aim for championship heights.

In 2004, Dr. Andy Seddon joined and became an active member of the club rightaway. Andy has been involved in Taekwondo for 12 years and has had his 2nd Dan black belt. Having assisted at International Taekwondo events in the United Kingdom, Andy is also a senior committee member of the United Taekwondo Association in the UK, and he now trains and mentors the APIIT/UCTI Taekwondo Club.

Under the guidance of Tony and Andy, the club grew from a couple of student members to now a sizable group. Their commitment to championship heights was fulfilled when on 26 June 2005, the first UCTI Taekwondo Intercollegiate Cup Competition was held at UCTI campus in Technology Park Malaysia.

On the morning of the competition, excitement amongst competitors were evident, with teams practicing in corners of the room, getting ready for the proceedings to begin. The event began with a demonstration of some slick moves. One of them leapt over two others and gave a quick kick that broke a board. Another kicked an apple to pieces and this was suspended at the end of a sword!

Teams from six colleges participated in this competition which saw proponents from beginners to black belts demonstrating their punching and kicking skills. When all was tallied, APIIT/UCTI emerged the inaugural championship with 9 Gold, 10 Silver, and 15 Bronze medals.