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Forensic and Cyber Security Research Centre (FSec)

The APU Forensics and Cyber Security Research Center (FSeC) addresses market demands and future technology needs through nurturing collaborative industry research and developing a graduates’ employability skills set in the areas of digital forensics, cybersecurity and privacy. By providing a platform for the exchange of ideas, shared challenges and research solutions between academia, industry and the international cybersecurity community, FSeC promotes and supports the development of talent and creative thinking towards cybersecurity. 

Central to the FSeC agenda is the application of critical thinking to stimulate a transition from ‘common practice’ to ‘evidence-based best practice’ in key research areas of cybersecurity which include: the integration of the Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology in Applications; Banking Trojans; Malware Detection and Forensics; Image Processing for Crime Investigation; Cloud Computing and Mobile Application Privacy; Artificial Intelligence and IOT Security; Human Factors and Social Engineering Attack. 

FSeC offers:

  • innovative, hands-on educational opportunities using sophisticated technology and simulation software to create hyper-realistic cyberattack scenarios.
  • collaboration with industry, government, and other academic institutions to promote cybersecurity research projects across multiple applications.
  • a range of workshops, professional training programmes and educational resources to address the growing market demand for a well-educated cybersecurity workforce across sectors.

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