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Portfolio & Interview Guide For Application Into APU Design Programmes

Application Process

As part of the entry requirements into the APU Design Diploma & Degrees, it is mandatory for the applicant to submit either one of the following for evaluation together with complete educational documents:

• Portfolio Submission
• Interview


Portfolio is a compiled documentation of your artwork which might include sketches, drawings, illustration, painting, photography of your 3D artwork, writings, and many more. A minimum of 5 pieces of artwork to be submitted with examples of your best work in related areas of your desired programme.

What do I need to submit for Portfolio Submission?

To include but not limited to any of the following combinations:

  • Drawing, Paintings and/or Sketches - Character drawings, scenery, objects, life drawings.
  • Photography images.
  • Images of any model making / sculpture / 3D artwork.
  • Links to any video works produced by you.

You may compile the images into a PowerPoint presentation format for submission. You are encouraged to include notes as a description to the given artworks. You may include manual or digital media.

If the portfolio submission is insufficient upon evaluation, further interview via video call may be
required between the Programme Leader and the applicant. The purpose of the interview is to further explore the candidate’s aspirations and alignment to the programme and to assess the candidate’s command of English, and appropriateness to the programme.


Applicants may choose interview for their application and it is a chance to demonstrate your skills and passion for the course you are applying for. You may submit a pre-recorded video as your interview for the assessment panel to decide on your application.

What do I need to submit for Interview?

To submit a pre-recorded video of yourself answering / addressing to the following questions:

  • Introduce yourself, starting with your name.
  • Where are you from (Country / City)?
  • What are your interest/passion?
  • Why did you choose this university?
  • What do you do during your free time?
  • What do you know about the course you are applying for - Industrial Design / Visual Effects / Animation / Digital Advertising?
  • Why do you want to study this programme?
  • What are your career plans after completing the course?

If you have worked on some design/ artwork in school, do tell us about it. You may showcase your portfolio in the video.

Interview – Guide for Video

  • Quiet Room - Find a quiet room that you can solely use for your interview recording where you will not be interrupted.
  • Background - Ensure you have a clean wall / background for the interview session.
  • Good Lighting - Ensure you have good light source for the video recording. Your face should be clear in the recorded video.
  • Dress for Success - Do ensure you are dress appropriately/ formal for the recorded interview.
  • Relax - Be confident and try to relax during the video recording.
  • Do test your video & sound quality.
  • Minimum size or setting is 640x360px 30fp (Mobile Phone Recording).
  • Preferably to record in Landscape format.