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Step-Up with APEL.C Via APU

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Credit Award [APEL.C] is the award of credits for students’ prior experiential learning that is relevant and specific towards a course in an accredited programme of APU. The credit award is granted on the basis of the knowledge and skills acquired through informal and non-formal learning. These forms of learning emphasizes on achieving the learning outcomes of a course through experiential learning will need to be formally reviewed and assessed.

APU APEL Centre emphasizes quality assessment processes and procedures. The Centre ensures that all its initiatives and practices adheres to the regulations outlines by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). The main role of this centre is to manage, monitor, develop, maintain and exercise any matters in regards to APEL.C.


APEL.C is applicable to all students registered in APU regardless of mode of entry; local or international students; whether through the conventional or APEL (A) route. APEL.C encompasses the assessment of prior experiential learning for the purpose of credit award. Learning acquired through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) or any other methods of self-learning can also be considered.

APEL.C - Award of Credits :

  • The award of credits through APEL.C is in the form of credit transfer where it does not involve the transfer of grades. However, the credits awarded for the course will be counted towards the total credit requirement for graduation.
  • The course that has been awarded credit through APEL.C will appear in the transcript of the student as ‘CT(APEL)’.
  • APU will issue a supplementary MQS document to accompany the transcript.
  • The maximum percentage of credit transfer through APEL.C is 30% of the total graduating credits of a specific programme of study. This percentage is in addition to the credit transfer provision based on the existing formal credit transfer policy. Hence, maximum percentage of credit transfer: APEL.C (30%) + formal (30%)* not more than 60%.
    *for the level eligible for transfer credit only.

Maximum Credit Transfer allowed through APEL.C at the various MQF levels are as below:

Award based on MQFMinimum graduating credits30% from the minimum credit of the coursework component
Level 8: Doctoral Degree
(Applicable only to coursework or mixed mode programmes)
Level 7: Master’s Degree
(Applicable only to coursework or mixed mode programmes)
Level 7: Postgraduate Diploma309
Level 7: Postgraduate Certificate206
Level 6: Bachelor’s Degree12036
Level 6: Graduate Diploma60+4 (MPU)19
Level 6: Graduate Certificate30+4 (MPU)10
Level 5: Advanced Diploma4012
Level 4: Diploma9027
Level 3: Certificate6018

APEL.C is the award of credits for the prior learner’s experiential learning towards a course in an accredited programme of Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU). Knowledge and skills which learner acquired through informal and non-formal learning will be formally reviewed and assessed.

APU has been committed to help the students make the best use of their learning experiences by giving them the opportunity to test their prior knowledge and skills and get awarded. For more information, please contact us at

Fees for APU APEL.C:
Application Processing Fee for Assessment (per Subject) : RM 200
Credit Exemption Fee (per Subject) : RM 500