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Collaborative Industrial Partners

APU’s Design & Media programmes are crafted to provide you with relevant exposure to the industry. Through the collaboration with our industrial partners, we enhance your learning experience by embedding industryrelevant curriculum, conducting frequent industry visits, arranging career exposure activities and guiding you on building your personal portfolio.


APU is recognised as the First Toon Boom Centre of Excellence (COE) in Malaysia! The Toon Boom Centre of Excellence program recognises key academic institutions that are contributing, at an exceptional level, to the teaching of the latest industry techniques and technology in storyboarding and animation. Under the COE Certification, our students are entitled to various privileges such as Free Desktop Subscription of the award-winning software and granted full assess to Toon Boom Learning Resources.



iWISERS is a Social Intelligence and Digital Marketing agency with over 200 brands coverage across APAC, providing Social Analytics and Digital Consultancy services enabling brands to gain insights on their own digital marketing performance, compare with other brands in the industry, and improving their marketing strategy. iWISERS’ analytics cover various platforms including social media channels, local forums and channels, and news sites to gain in-depth and relevant insights for brands. iWISERS has been an active IAP member of SOMAD for Digital Advertising Programme and have been training our students via internship programmes.



Lemon Sky has grown to the forefront of the video game industry with 300 creative talents tailoring custom visual art solutions for our partners. Over the years we have provided a premier art outsourcing service for the biggest brands in the international market such as Blizzard Entertainment, Naughty Dog, 2K Games, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Microsoft Studios, EA Sports & Games, and Sega.

LemonSky has been associated with SOMAD by providing industrial experience opportunities for our school student in the area of VFX and Animation.



NetsEco is one of the award winning company focusing on offering sustainable solution such as eco printing, eco packaging and eco product development. The Eco Innovation and Design Centre has been working closely with APU in eco product design, research and development and Structured Internship Programme (SIP). NetsEco believes in grooming young minds is the way to shape a better future.



Founded in 2013, EFXCO (formerly known as HKVFX Visual Effects Training) by Hussin Khan. Hussin was the Head of Education at Rhythm & Hues Studios, an Academy Award winning studios based in Los Angeles. For the last  6  years, EFXCO has been providing professional level training and certification for the Creative Industry. EFXCO is and accredited training provider for ADOBE, UNITY, NUKE, HRDF, MBOT, MOF, INSKEN and Pearson.



Pixelpost is one of the leading media companies servicing a broad spectrum of Post Production requirements throughout the Asia Pacific region. From Animation, Post-production, Creative Content, Design and broadcast solution PixelPost has been making it mark in the creative industry. PixelPost has been associated with SOMAD not only as an active Industry Advisory Member but has been providing industrial experience opportunities for our media student.



APU’s collaboration with Motorola Solutions is aimed at grooming high quality Industrial Designers to cater for the current and future markets. Motorola Solutions supports APU in various aspects such as field visits, talks, workshops and other academic initiatives. Projects with Motorola Solutions have given good insights and valuable experiences to APU students.



REACH 360 is a turnkey business-solutions-provider for our clients in Home Furniture. We have been working with factories in Malaysia and Indonesia for over 10 years and have done a transaction of over USD 50 Million with factories in both countries.

APU and Reach 360 have been collaborating in various students’ projects, consultation and internship opportunities, especially with the Industrial Design Programme.



xR Stage Malaysia by 3Particle is Malaysia’s first dedicated xR Studio space. They offer business and production companies new technology and opportunities within the realm of xR (Extended Reality). xR Stage has been an active industry partner and advisor for APU’s Visual Effects and Animation programme. They have contributed to valuable inputs to enhance the curriculum as well as speaker and workshop sessions in efforts to groom our graduates to be industryready professionals.



A 2D Concept Art and Illustration service provider based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.Ten Ten are all fans of new media, video games, films, books and graphic novels- with both consumers of the old and the new 1010 goal is to marry these influences together.

1010 deep dives into concept art and offer a bespoke approach to solving design needs for video game, film or animation. Especially experienced at developing new visual languages and ideas for new IPs and titles that have just begun development. 1010 has been conducting a lot of workshop’s for SOMAD with regard to concept art and design thinking.